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Launch your career with challenging, impactful work in a supportive environment

The AsanaUP apprenticeship program creates opportunities for people just entering tech from non-traditional, diverse backgrounds to gain the skills, experience and mentorship necessary for a pathway into Asana. We offer apprenticeships across all functions at Asana including Business, Engineering, Internal and Product teams. See opportunities below.

How it works
As an AsanaUP apprentice, you will have the opportunity to do real, meaningful work that contributes to our growing product during your program experience. All apprentices are matched 1:1 with a mentor who will provide coaching, feedback, and will help you grow your Asana network. In addition to working with your mentor, you will receive additional professional development training from your manager and the AsanaUP program team. At the end of the program, those who have demonstrated an ability to succeed will be considered for a full-time position.

Who can apply
You have a non-traditional background and face barriers of entry into the tech industry, including but not limited to: no prior experience in tech, no prior full-time experience in the role field you're applying for, you do not hold a related degree, and you do not have a masters degree.

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    Natasha Anderson Software Engineer

    There are many avenues to transition into software engineering. AsanaUP stands out because of the level of intentionality that Asana directs towards the program and their apprentices.

    My team placement reflected the type of impact and surface area I expressed an interest in exploring as an engineer. And throughout my experience, I was gradually entrusted with more responsibilities. AsanaUP is very intentional about ensuring you have the resources to convert to full time, which means being honest about how you are performing.

    Asana takes its values to heart and puts in a notable amount of effort into designing a program that works with its participants to support their success.

    Natasha AndersonSoftware Engineer

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    Open AsanaUP apprenticeships positions

    Open AsanaUP apprenticeships positions

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