30 project plan templates to kickstart your best work

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Embarking on a new project can be daunting, but the right tools make all the difference. Discover a suite of versatile project planning templates, ranging from simple charts to comprehensive agile and waterfall plans, designed to streamline your project management process. Setting objectives, defining deadlines, and improving teamwork are all made simple with Asana's free project plan templates.

We all love it when a project runs smoothly. When there’s a clear plan, everyone knows what needs to get done, and they follow deadlines, projects tend to get completed on time and within budget. But all that doesn’t just happen—it takes a lot of careful planning. 

Project planning takes time, and tends to require a lot of manual, repetitive work—like defining project goals, creating timelines, drafting tasks, and distributing information to stakeholders and collaborators. Project plan templates can help reduce work at the beginning of the project, so you and your team members can hit the ground running. Plus, a good project template doesn’t just make starting one project easier—it sets you up for success for similar projects in the future.

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What is a project plan template?

A project plan template is a duplicatable resource that outlines all the steps in a project plan. Typically, a project plan template includes essential project information, such as the project timeline, task due dates, the goal of the entire project, and project milestones, among other things. Essentially, a project template allows you to “plug and play” and get a head start on your work.

Since project plan templates are reusable, they give you the building blocks you need to get started planning your project—so you don’t have to start every one from scratch. Depending on what type of project you’re planning, your project plan template could include high-level sections, upcoming tasks, color-coded custom tags, and more. 

How to create a project plan template

A project plan template is a blueprint of the key components your team needs to know in order to successfully achieve your project objectives. A good project plan outlines your project deliverables, project scope, and project schedule. In particular, a good plan should track seven key project elements:

Not every project plan template will have all of these elements baked in. However, a good template will set you up with example tasks to help you and your team answer project needs, plan project deliverables, and get started in record time.

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30 free project plan templates to standardize your project processes

Project plan templates aren’t one-size-fits-all. While a simple project plan template should cover essential project information—like timeline and milestones—the template format will vary depending on the type of project you’re planning. For example, the plan for a product launch will be pretty different from an IT project plan. 

That’s where different project plan templates come in. Whether you’re launching a small, straightforward initiative or planning a complex project, Asana’s project plan templates can help. Here are 30 free project plan templates to help you get your next project up and running in no time.

General project planning templates

1. Simple project chart template: Get started

[Product ui] Project chart in Asana (Timeline)

A project chart (also known as a Gantt chart template) is a visual representation of your project plan on a bar-chart like graph. Project charts map out your project timeline, deliverable due dates, task dependencies, and milestones. 

A simple project chart template is a great jumping off point for breaking down projects into smaller, actionable steps. It helps you organize tasks, so you can see who on your team is responsible for what. Plus, since the template lets you quickly track progress in real-time, you can successfully plan and execute your project without missing any crucial steps.

Buat templat bagan proyek

2. Cross-functional project plan template: Collaborate across teams 

[Product UI] Project Plan Templates - Simple Project plan (Lists)

More often than not, projects require cross-team collaboration to be successful. When that’s the case, you need a way to easily communicate with each project team member, no matter what department they’re in. 

Our cross-functional project plan template can help. With this template, you can manage your entire project in one place—from assigning to-dos and tracking project status to communicating with other teams. Plus, Asana integrates with your other business apps, so you can attach important documents and collaborate right in the template. Say goodbye to long email threads and hard-to-find project information for good.

Templat proyek lintas fungsi gratis

3. Capacity planning template: Manage team bandwidth 

[Product ui] Capacity planning project in Asana, spreadsheet-style project view (List)

Understanding the needed—and available—resources required for a project is a necessary step for every project team. But resource allocation can be tricky, and under-scoping a project can result in project creep. 

Creating a digital capacity planning template can help. Your template provides a place for you to calculate your project needs and determine the current capacity of your team—so you can compare the two and decide if you have enough resources. Custom, color-coded tags make it easy for you to quickly identify who is over- and under-capacity, so you can allocate resources accordingly.

Buat templat perencanaan kapasitas

4. Risk management plan template: Identify project risks

[product ui] risk management plan template in Asana (list view)

Project risk management, which identifies potential project risks and calculates their likelihood of happening, is a must-have for any project. Without an easy way to evaluate project risks, though, it’s a step that often falls by the wayside as project managers look to reduce steps in the project’s kick-off timeframe. Creating an easy-to-duplicate risk management plan template for your entire department or organization ensures you can elevate risks quickly—t even easier to get a handle on them.

Your template can be built at the start of your project, to determine the risk’s impact and likelihood before the project even kicks off. Then, you can use the template to monitor potential risks as the project begins, and to log new risks that come up once the project is underway. You can also assign each risk an owner, so everyone on your team knows who’s responsible for mitigating risks if they pop up.  

Buat templat rencana manajemen risiko

5. Agency collaboration template: Streamline external collaboration

[Antarmuka Produk] Contoh proyek kolaborasi agensi (Daftar)

Most projects involve a team of internal collaborators. In some cases, though, you might turn to a marketing or creative agency to execute your project. Whether it’s an advertising campaign, brand refresh, or research initiative, a successful partnership starts with a clear plan and tight coordination. If you’re collaborating primarily through email or weekly conference calls, keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge.

Fortunately, our agency collaboration template makes it easy for you to manage your next project with an external agency. Use it to draft your creative brief, keep an eye on start dates, monitor work in progress, and track deliverables, so you can focus on producing great work together.

Templat gratis kolaborasi agensi

6. Waterfall project management template: Update your project process

When managing projects that require a high level of sequential structure and clarity, the traditional approach of a waterfall project management plan comes into play. Unlike more flexible methodologies, the waterfall method excels in projects where each phase needs to be completed before the next begins. 

This is where a well-crafted waterfall project management template can be invaluable. It provides a clear, step-by-step roadmap of the project process to ensure all stages from conception to completion are meticulously planned and executed. For example, a waterfall project plan could detail every stage of a software development project, from initial requirements gathering to final testing to make certain each critical step is addressed.

Create a free waterfall project management template

Project planning templates for marketing and creative teams

7. Product marketing template: Plan your next launch

[Antarmuka produk] Proyek peluncuran pemasaran produk di Asana (tampilan linimasa)

Product marketing managers juggle many responsibilities. They do market research to inform product strategy, craft messaging and positioning, and bring new products to life. They’re often also the de facto project manager of a product launch, coordinating across product, marketing, and creative teams to ensure that new products are ready to ship.

Instead of reinventing the wheel for every launch you’re running, use our product marketing launch template to create your plan. It includes steps like setting launch targets and defining a channel strategy, so you don’t forget any product launch essentials. And, since it’s duplicatable, you’ll never have to create a product launch checklist from scratch again.

Templat gratis peluncuran pemasaran

8. Editorial calendar template: Hit publishing deadlines

[UI Produk] Proyek kalender editorial di Asana (Tampilan Kalender)

Managing a content calendar is an ongoing project that requires you to stay on top of many moving parts. Every piece of content you create is like its own mini project with clearly defined steps, like assigning work to writers, producing visual assets, and coordinating reviews and copy edits.

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To keep your content production on track, try our editorial calendar template. With this template, you can manage all the content you’re writing, editing, and publishing in one place—from idea to completion. Our custom tags make it easy to track everything from the post’s due date and channel to important assets. It also lets you simplify your cross-team collaboration, bringing together your social media, PR, marketing, and design teams in one place.

Templat kalender editorial gratis

9. Marketing campaign management template: Map out your campaign plan

[Antarmuka Produk] Contoh proyek manajemen kampanye (Linimasa)

Planning and execution are key to a great marketing campaign. But managing a campaign isn’t easy, and it can feel overwhelming to keep track of every piece of work that needs to get done. What assets need to be created? Who is going to create them? And what if something falls through the cracks?

With our marketing campaign management template, you can map out your entire campaign plan and manage day-to-day execution with your team. Use it to track assets and deliverables, plan and execute your channel strategy, and more.

Templat gratis manajemen kampanye

10. Event marketing plan template: Map out your event marketing efforts

[Antarmuka produk] Contoh proyek perencanaan acara (Linimasa)

Building buzz is an important part of planning and organizing any event. Event marketing helps spread the word and generate excitement for your speakers and agenda—which in turn drives audience attendance. 

Asana’s event marketing plan template helps you organize your marketing plan for upcoming events. From planning the event all the way through day-of execution and post-event tasks, the template makes it easy for you to map out your promotional event efforts.

Free event marketing plan template

11. Marketing project plan template: Turn your strategy into action

[Antarmuka produk] Laporan ikhtisar proyek peluncuran pemasaran produk di Asana (Ikhtisar Proyek)

Marketing projects are complex. No matter what type of project you’re planning—from launching a specific marketing campaign to mapping out your yearly marketing plan—there are a lot of steps and team members involved in making a marketing plan successful. 

Our marketing project plan template provides a place for you to detail your marketing objectives and the steps you need to take for them to be successful. Asana’s template makes it easy for you to communicate and collaborate across teams, and jumpstarts productivity by removing the need for multiple spreadsheets or email threads. 

Templat rencana proyek pemasaran gratis

12. Event planning template: Coordinate your events

[UI produk] Contoh proyek manajemen acara (Linimasa)

There’s a lot that goes into planning a successful event. You have to manage everything from the event budget down to logistical details and day-of event tasks. The ability to see the event timeline—meaning every step that has to be completed for your event to launch successfully—is a must-have. 

Our event planning template makes planning and organizing events easy. With our template, you can visualize your event plan in a timeline, see task dependencies, and schedule milestones to track event progress. Plus, our mobile app lets you view your event plan from anywhere, so you can tick off day-of event tasks on the go. 

Templat perencanaan acara gratis

13. Public relations project plan: Create consistency across campaigns 

There are a lot of small—but essential—steps that need to be followed to run a successful public relations campaign. And, since PR efforts tend to be cross-functional, it can be confusing determining who is responsible for what. 

A public relations project plan helps streamline your PR campaign process by making it easy to track important project information and communicate across teams. This template can act as a step-by-step guide for launching and executing a PR campaign, so you can maintain consistency across campaigns, no matter the size of your organization or team. The template also serves as a single system of record to house essential campaign information, such as details about the campaign, journalist contact information, campaign resources, and more. 

Buat templat perencanaan Humas

14. Podcast planning template: Plan better episodes 

Looking to launch a successful podcast? Keeping your podcast plan organized is key. Building a digital podcast planning template streamlines your podcast planning process by giving you a single space to organize everything from your pre-production tasks to your post-production marketing efforts. 

Plus, you can easily duplicate the template at the start of your episode planning, ensuring that the structure of every episode is consistent. Use the template to house your podcast notes, the episode script, and more—like copy for promotional tweets. You can even collaborate with your episode guests directly in the template by using custom forms or assigning them specific tasks.  

Free podcast planning template

15. Design project plan template: Streamline your creative process 

[Antarmuka Produk] Templat bill of material kreatif di Asana, tampilan proyek bergaya spreadsheet (daftar)

Web, graphic, and product design teams are a vital part of any business. From designing social and promotional assets to creating animations, videos, and web assets, a lot of what your customer sees—and what draws them in—comes from your design team. 

With so many responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep track of upcoming and in-progress design work. Plus, never-ending feedback chains and emails can stall progress. Our design project plan template makes it easy for you to streamline your creative project planning process. Easily collaborate, track files, and share asset updates and progress in one place.

Templat gratis rencana desain

Product, IT, and operations templates

16. Product roadmap template: Track your product initiatives

[antarmuka produk lama] Templat peta jalan produk di Asana, tampilan proyek bergaya spreadsheet (Daftar)

There’s a lot that goes into tracking the product features, initiatives, and updates your team plans to launch within a given timeframe. With our product roadmap template, you can easily track and monitor each status of each launch, and provide greater visibility to stakeholders around what’s launching and when. 

Plus, since our product roadmap template allows you to organize your launches by different variables—such as priority or overarching theme—everyone in your organization can see how each launch corresponds to the company’s goals.

Templat gratis peta jalan produk

17. User research template: Organize UXR projects

[Antarmuka Produk Lama] Templat Rencana Proyek - Templat Riset Pengguna (Daftar)

User research is a critical part of the product development process. It’s during this phase that product managers and user experience researchers learn about the needs and goals of their customers, uncovering insights that unlock entirely new product opportunities.

Leading a research project is no small undertaking. From sourcing research participants and collecting data to analyzing that data and generating recommendations, there’s a lot to plan for and manage. Our user research template makes it easy to define research goals and questions with your team and keep your observations organized. This way, the fruits of your labor don’t become forgotten in a doc or Excel spreadsheet.

Templat riset pengguna gratis

18. Product development plan template: Standardize the development process

Product development is the process of launching a new product, from ideation through the product launch. The entire product development process—which includes prototyping and testing—is complex and time-consuming. Add in the different teams you need for product development to be successful, and you have a recipe for a complicated process.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Creating a product development plan template streamlines your product development process, from coordinating cross-functional team communication to tracking development progress. Since it’s reusable, the template also helps standardize the workflow for future projects. 

Buat templat pengembangan produk

19. Operations project plan template: Streamline business efficiency


The operations department is responsible for keeping business-critical processes running smoothly. Our operations project plan template helps you track key details by creating a single system of record for all your work. Since the template is reusable, it makes it easy to document recurring operational processes. Plus, you can assign work directly in the template, so everyone knows what they’re responsible for and can communicate where work is being done. 

Templat gratis proyek operasi

20. IT project plan: Organize your IT work

[Old product ui] IT project plan template in Asana, Kanban board style view (Boards)

Your IT team deals with a lot of important cross-team tasks, like launching software deployments, ordering equipment, and helping onboard new employees. Plus, everything they do requires a certain level of security. They need to be able to connect teams and tools in a way that’s scalable and secure. 

Asana’s IT project plan template helps your IT department manage and organize all their upcoming and completed tasks. Since you’re able to tailor project permissions to your organization, you can make sure the right people have access to information. Plus, Asana’s 200+ integrations make it easy for your team to work seamlessly with cross-functional partners.

Templat gratis proyek TI

21. Work requests template: Simplify the intake process

[UI Produk] Contoh proyek permintaan kerja (Papan)

Work requests can quickly spiral out of control when they’re submitted through different avenues and in different formats. In order to make sure no requests are falling through the cracks, you need a central place to track and manage requests. And, to simplify the workflow for your team, you also need a project intake process to guarantee you’re getting the same information in each request.

Simply put, you need a work request template. Whether you’re receiving incoming creative briefs, work orders, or IT requests, having a single system of record for these requests is critical. Then, combine our work request template with Forms to guarantee you’re getting all of the critical details directly when requests are submitted.

Templat gratis permintaan kerja

22. Sales plan template: Set strong goals

[Old Product UI] Sales planning project in Asana, spreadsheet-style view with project deliverables (Lists)

Your sales and operation plan shouldn’t be a document you create at the beginning of a sales cycle and then put aside. In order for your sales teams to create and maintain a solid foundation, they need access to a finalized, structured sales plan—available where they work.

With an effective sales plan template, you have an easy, centralized way to record your sales teams’ objectives, target audience, revenue goals, strategies, and obstacles that might stand in your way. Try our sales plan template to get the structure you need to to close deals.

Templat gratis rencana penjualan

Project plan templates for HR teams 

23. HR project plan template: Plan out HR work  

[Antarmuka produk lama] Rencana proyek SDM di Asana, tampilan proyek bergaya spreadsheet (Daftar)

Your HR team is responsible for many processes and projects that empower employees and shape your organization’s culture. An HR project plan template makes it easy for you to plan and organize HR initiatives, track their progress, and manage priorities. Whether you’re launching new company goals, updating the hiring plan, or collecting employee feedback, Asana’s HR project plan template makes it easy to map out—and execute—your HR work. 

Templat gratis rencana proyek SDM

24. New employee onboarding: Standardize the onboarding process

[Antarmuka Produk] Contoh templat onboarding pegawai Asana (Daftar)

Onboarding can feel hectic for new hires. There are so many systems to set up, documents to sign, and tasks to complete. Plus, new hires have to learn all the nuances of their new company, like preferred communication methods and company policies. 

To ensure every new hire has the best experience—and is set up for success in their new role—it’s crucial to streamline the onboarding process. An employee onboarding template does just that by providing a single place where new hires can go to view their upcoming tasks, find reference documents, learn about their team, and more. Since onboarding templates outline everything the new hire needs to know from the beginning to the end of the onboarding process, it sets expectations from the start—smoothing out the process for you and your new employee.

Templat onboarding pegawai gratis

25. Employee offboarding: Organize your offboarding process

[antarmuka produk] Templat daftar periksa offboarding pegawai di Asana, tampilan proyek berbentuk spreadsheet (Daftar)

Like employee onboarding, employee offboarding can be labor-intensive—and, unlike onboarding, it’s a process that’s often overlooked. An employee offboarding template can help you streamline your offboarding process. With a single place to map out your offboarding tasks—from the paperwork that needs to be completed to the work transition plan—you can easily track your offboarding process. Plus, since templates are duplicatable, you can feel confident that you’re following the same steps for every outgoing employee.

Buat templat offboarding pegawai

26. Conference agenda template: Plan seamless events

[inline illustration] Conference agenda

Planning a productive conference takes work. In addition to coordinating with speakers and vendors, you also have to keep track of event details, including when and where conference events are happening. 

A conference agenda template can help you plan effective conferences with ease. Whether you’re planning a one- or multi-day conference or a virtual event, creating a conference agenda template in Asana is a great starting point for capturing all the information you need to run the event smoothly.

Templat gratis agenda konferensi

Cross-functional project planning templates

27. Agile project plan template: Team collaboration made easy

In today's fast-paced project environments, teams often struggle with keeping everyone on the same page, especially when it comes to adapting to changes without disrupting the project lifecycle. This is where an agile project plan template can be a game-changer. An agile project plan is not just about flexibility; it's a strategic planning tool that allows for quick adjustments while keeping the project budget and overall objectives in sight. It’s designed to evolve as project needs change, ensuring that all team members are aligned and can collaborate effectively, regardless of project phase or complexity.

Agile methodology fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. It breaks down the traditional barriers of rigid planning and enables teams to respond swiftly to new information or changes in project scope. By regularly revisiting and adjusting the plan, teams can ensure their strategies are always aligned with the project's evolving needs and goals.

Create an Agile project plan

28. Sprint planning template: Keep your team on the same page

[UI Produk] Proyek rencana Sprint di Asana (Papan)

Part of the larger Agile project process, sprint planning helps Agile project teams prioritize work and decide who has the capacity to take on certain projects. 

Your team is busy, and if you’re not communicating directly where work happens, it’s easy for team members to get confused about who’s working on what, what the status of the work is, and when the work is due. Our sprint planning template simplifies your sprint by creating a single system of record where everyone can see what’s coming up, what’s in progress, and what’s completed—freeing up time for your team to move quickly, build fast, and ship often.

Templat perencanaan sprint gratis

29. Implementation plan template: Achieve business goals

[ui produk] Proyek perencanaan implementasi di Asana, tampilan proyek bergaya spreadsheet (Daftar)

Planning and implementing your business goals can feel overwhelming. To be successful, you need the ability to break down each go into an achievable, actionable plan. That’s where an implementation plan template comes in.

By creating an implementation plan template, you can view every step you need to take to achieve your business goal, from planning all the way to execution. Since a template breaks down each phase of the plan into bite-sized steps, it’s easy to monitor goal progress and view upcoming milestones. You can also include custom tags that add even more context to your tasks—like the task duration and percent completed—so you know the status of every task as work gets underway.  

Buat templat rencana implementasi

30. Project timeline template: Visualize milestones and bottlenecks

Have you ever found yourself facing unexpected delays and struggling to keep track of progress? Thankfully there's a solution that can turn the tide: a project timeline template. A project timeline template is more than just a list of start and end dates; it's a strategic project management tool that maps out the entire project lifecycle, offering a clear visualization of phases, key deliverables, and deadlines.

By clearly laying out the project progress, this type of template helps pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks are likely to occur or where they're already happening. And with regular updates to the project’s timeline, stakeholders can receive comprehensive status reports, fostering better communication and alignment throughout the project. In essence, a well-utilized project timeline template not only solves the problem of lost transparency in your workflow, but it also serves as a visual dashboard for smooth and efficient project execution.

Free project timeline template

Better project templates mean better project planning

Kicking off a new project can be stressful, especially if you’re the one in charge of planning and managing that project. Reusable product templates make planning easier by standardizing your project processes, facilitating cross-team collaboration, and reducing upfront work. 

No matter what kind of project you’re leading—product launches, marketing campaigns, you name it—templates give you a starting point so you don’t have to build a plan from scratch. And when you use a work management platform like Asana, your project will stay on track, too.

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