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AI has joined the team to help organizations make better decisions and maximize impact.

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Make decisions faster with data-powered intelligence

Get automatic recommendations to remove bottlenecks, reallocate resources, and hit your goals.

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Asana's goal-based resource management allows you to monitor and adjust team resourcing based on capacity to avoid burnout

Goal-based resource management 

Monitor and adjust team resourcing based on historical and future capacity to meet changing business needs.

Asana AI helps you spot roadblocks to hitting goals

Health check

Identify blind spots, open questions, and roadblocks to find an efficient path towards your goals.

Boost productivity for you and your team

Save time by letting Asana build and optimize your workflows.

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Build self-optimizing workflows with Asana AI

Self-optimizing workflows

Build automated workflows optimized for specific goals and best practices across teams and tools.

Writing assistant

Writing assistant

Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone.

Get action items and highlights from meetings, tasks, and comments.

Instant summaries

Get action items and highlights from meetings, tasks, and comments.

Focus on the right work at the right time

Get your own work coach to help you remove distractions, increase impact, and separate signal from noise.

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Ask Asana AI for project updates

Ask Asana anything

Get timely answers about your projects (like where the blockers are) without another meeting.

Asana AI for work organization

Work organizer

Jump-start your work with recommended projects, 
auto-generated custom fields, and smart rules—and see what’s important or a blocker with priority inbox and tasks.

Powered by the most complete and connected map of your organization’s work data—the Asana Work Graph®

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