Standardize security, privacy, and communication across your IT department with custom-built templates. From managing user permissions to overseeing software installations, secure IT templates protect your workflows.

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Asana supports transparency and responsibility—everything we value in our culture. It helps us move faster, think bigger, and experiment with new ideas.”
Alexey BaranovHead of Development, IT, TheSoul Publishing

Scale securely with Asana

Keep data secure, boost transparency between teams, and maintain compliance as you grow.

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Powerful integrations with built-in security

With 200+ integrations, you can connect the tools and apps you need most in one central platform. Streamline your tech stack with the cutting-edge security and privacy features of Asana.

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With customizable templates, you can build a consistent structure for the processes and projects that keep your IT work secure.

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IT templates

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1:1 meeting template banner image

1:1 meeting

Build trust and encourage collaboration with a 1:1 meeting template. Keep track of agenda items, meeting notes, and next steps in one place.

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Professional development plan template banner image

Professional development plan

Create a professional development plan template that works to both help you set professional goals and create an action plan to achieve them.

Employee offboarding checklist template banner image

Employee offboarding checklist

Organize your good-byes. Employee offboarding checklist templates streamline the process for departing employees and help everyone with the transition.

Team Goals Planning Example template card image

Team goals planning template

Get all the steps you need to draft goals, gather input, and put your objectives to the test.

Program roadmap template banner image

Program roadmap

Create a program roadmap template and know the exact structure of each program, how they operate, and their future plans—company-wide.

Knowledge management template banner image

Knowledge management

Create a knowledge management template and ensure that every team member prioritizes and organizes information the same way.

Weekly schedule template banner image

Weekly schedule

Don’t just track your weekly to-dos. Organize and schedule your tasks so you can always get your highest-impact work done. Learn how to create a weekly schedule template in Asana.

RACI matrix template banner image

RACI matrix

Team decision-making can be hard—a RACI matrix template makes it easier. Define each project task role to instantly boost clarity for all your stakeholders.

[Templates] Waterfall project management (card image)

Waterfall project management

Standardize your project process with a waterfall project management template. Break your project into sequential phases that map to your end goal.

New hire preparation template banner image

New hire checklist for managers

Bringing on a new member of the team is exciting—but it does involve a bit of preparation. Take some of the busywork away with Asana’s new hire checklist template.

Email marketing calendar template banner image

Email marketing calendar

Create an email marketing calendar template to streamline scheduling and better connect with your customers.

Product development template banner image

Product development template

Create and use a product development template to standardize your process, from idea all the way to market.