The Business Value of the Asana Platform

IDC Whitepaper: The Business Value of Asana

Collaboration applications have become widespread as digital transformation has accelerated, but they’re not always driving value. Today, too many teams suffer from tool overload and disconnected data. This makes strategic decision making challenging, slows cross-functional collaboration, and harms overall productivity. 

At Asana, we’ve seen first-hand how work management can give individuals, teams, and entire organizations the clarity they need to connect tools, drive engagement, and accelerate work. To quantify that impact and determine the return on investment of Asana, IDC conducted in-depth research with enterprises. What did they find?

Download The Business Value of Asana to learn how Asana:

  • Delivers 57% more on-time projects

  • Creates 82% higher employee satisfaction with collaboration tools 

  • Offers 214% one-year ROI and 451% three-year ROI

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