Everyday workflows in Asana

Transition your everyday workflows into Asana.

To-do listIn Asana: My Tasks
Keeping track of your to-dosAdd a task, assign it to yourself. All tasks assigned to you will appear in your My Tasks list.
Prioritizing your tasksAdd due dates to all of your tasks, and prioritize your work by marking tasks for Today, Upcoming, or Later.
Collaborating on tasksAdd your tasks to relevant projects, include followers and have conversations directly in a task.
Writing yourself a personal reminderFor a quick reminder to yourself, create a task that is not in a project. Tasks created without a project are private by default.
Using a board and sticky notesUse a boards project. You can drag and drop tasks between columns the same way you can move sticky notes around.


Meeting agendas and notesIn Asana: A meeting project.
Creating an agendaCreate a project for your meeting, and add a task for each agenda topic.
Facilitating a meetingDisplay the project in your meeting room, and mark tasks complete or move tasks into new sections as you cover each agenda item.
Capturing meeting minutesTake notes in a task that you can keep in the project as a reference. @mention relevant tasks, projects, and teammates in your notes.
Following up on action itemsCreate a section in your meeting project labeled “follow up”. Add and assign tasks as action items come up in your meeting.
Communicating a key decisionAfter making a key decision, indicate this in a comment and pin the comment to the top of the task.


Private communicationIn Asana: Private tasks and projects
Keeping a private notebookCreate a private project for your notes. Now, they’re easily searchable in Asana but still private to just you.
Sending a private emailAssign a private task to your teammate with your information or question.
Taking private meeting notesCreate a private project for your meeting and only invite the appropriate teammates.
Managing one-on-one meetingsCreate private projects for your one-on-one meetings to track goals, progress, questions, and feedback.

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