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manage projects efficiently

Manage projects efficiently, even when priorities shift

Asana makes it easy to get your most important work done. Increase efficiency to deliver results and hit your goals on every project.

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A solution for every use case

Asana is the only platform built to empower cross-functional teams across your entire organization.

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Align on mission-critical goals with cross-team portfolio management

Asana helps teams execute business processes 42% faster. Uplevel your PMO functions by connecting work to goals in one system of record.

Build better processes
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Supercharge strategic planning to hit your most important goals

See how work connects to business-critical objectives. Match resources to strategic work and deliver high-impact results.

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Prioritize your highest-impact work with real-time project insights

Asana is the only work management platform that allows for unlimited reporting against your entire organization’s project data in real time.

Reduce silos between teams and tools

Your most important work happens cross-functionally. But every team has their own goals, style of working, and preferred tools. Asana helps you create repeatable processes to reduce silos and keep everyone aligned across tools and teams.

Connect information across teams—then instantly update it in one place
Connect information across teams—then instantly update it in one place

Track what your team is working on, regardless of who they’re working with. Add tasks to multiple projects to track information where you work. Easily share and update information simultaneously across multiple projects, portfolios, and more.

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see the critical path in asana
See the critical path of work at-a-glance

Get all of your must-have deliverables done on time, every time. Clearly identify the sequence of milestones that are crucial for project completion. Visualize the critical path on a timeline to identify and prevent roadblocks before they happen.

Get a bird’s-eye view
manage campaigns in Asana
Manage projects and campaigns with ease

Assign, distribute, and keep track of work effortlessly, so everyone can hit their most important deliverables. Share real-time insights with critical project stakeholders across your business.

Align marketing teams
coordinate product launches in Asana
Coordinate and launch products effectively

From product launches to software deployment, see all of your work in one place. Identify and prevent roadblocks before they happen, so you can hit your deliverables on time, every time.

Map out your project
asana lets you focus on customers
Focus on connecting with customers, not managing handoffs

Track leads, account details, and customer relationships in one system of record that stakeholders can access in real time. Plus, automate handoffs to ensure transitions are handled by the right person at the right time.

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Get a complete view of work across multiple tools

Asana integrates 200+ of your favorite tools into a single view in order to coordinate high-impact work in real time. Keep track of all the moving pieces so you can get your most important work done.

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Identify risks before they become critical blockers

Managing a project involves multiple moving pieces—any one of which can become a blocker. Asana helps you track work in real time whether you’re at the office or on the go, so you can spot bottlenecks or potential issues before they happen.

work flexibly in asana
Work flexibly across different projects

View your projects and campaigns in the way that works best for you—whether that’s List, Board, Calendar, or Timeline view. Toggle between project views to view your work, your way.

track project milestones in asana
Track—and hit—product milestones

Every product launch is working towards something. Clearly visualize your deadlines to see how you’re tracking against key milestones. See what you’re working towards, so your team can stay on the same path as things change.

manage resource allocation in Asana
Allocate and prioritize resources

Instead of scrambling to track down data and decisions, quickly identify your top priorities and ensure your resources are properly allocated.

customize project dashboards in Asana
Plan, manage, and track new deployments

Customize your project dashboard to highlight the most important information for each project or deployment. That way, stakeholders can gauge progress in real time and spot any risks before they become critical.

manage employee onboarding in Asana
Standardize and streamline onboarding

Share visibility into work, goals, and responsibilities from day one to help new teammates onboard. Clarify how their work contributes to the business from the get-go so teammates feel engaged and secure in their role.

manage goals in Asana

Empower agility with clear goals

Connect work to goals so you can pivot, even as requirements and resources shift. With Asana, your team can clearly see how your project contributes to organizational and department-level goals.

Connect your work to goals
As Zoom grew, we wanted a standard view of everything going on so we could prioritize work and make business decisions. We needed visibility, accountability, consistency in how work gets done, and knowledge sharing across teams.

Ariel Chavan

Head of Security Product and Program Management, Zoom

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Frustration over not knowing where information was just disappeared. It was a cultural shift into stress relief. You could see that things were flowing more easily.

Mike Singer

Senior Director of Global Creative Operations, Discovery Digital Studios

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Having a tool that allows us to work cross-functionally and get everyone on the same page, really collaboratively and visibly, is critical to scaling our business.

Tom Booth

Director of Operations, Onfido

Asana lets us bring project management to the entire organization without the need for much education, because the platform is so easy to use. Junior specialists work perfectly in Asana, and executives do the same.

Aleksandra Sulimko

Chief Human Resources Officer, TheSoul Publishing

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Project management features and capabilities

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Project views

Project views make it easy for you to see your work, your way. Select between List, Board, Calendar, and Timeline, and toggle between the project views to find a view that works for you.

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Automate manual work so your team spends less time on busywork and more time on the tasks that matter. Use Rules to automatically assign work, adjust due dates, notify stakeholders, and more.

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Track and manage tasks across multiple projects. When you make changes to a task in one project, instantly see those changes reflected across all projects in real time.

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The Asana app is available on Mac, iOS, and Android. Review any new inbox notifications, send messages, and access project tasks so you’re always up to date on project information.

status updates icon
Status updates

Share status updates that are directly connected to the work your team does, so you can reduce manual work, centralize information, and keep everyone up to date.

portfolios icon

Organize and track all of your team's multiple projects in a single view with Portfolios. See how all your projects are progressing, then drill in for more details to address risks.

dashboards icon

Get a sense of how work is progressing in real time with Dashboards. Zoom out from the day to day to quickly understand your project’s progress, or customize Dashboard charts to focus on your own data.

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Connect Goals to the work you’re doing to hit them. Effortlessly identify the projects that support key business objectives so you can prioritize work that delivers measurable results.

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