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Goals dashboard in Asana

Uplevel strategic planning to hit your most important goals

From setting annual plans to budgeting, Asana helps you prioritize critical goals to accelerate your company’s bottom line.

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Only Asana connects company-wide goals to the work needed to achieve them

Asana is the only work management platform where goals live alongside the work you do to achieve them. With Goals, your team can easily see—and orient—around your most important work.

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Align strategy and action to deliver results

Connect resources and priorities to revenue-driving work in order to deliver faster results. Track and share progress towards goals and empower teams to prioritize important work.

Goals status in Asana

Set objectives and track results in one place

From annual planning to individual KPIs, clearly set and share goals with stakeholders. Then, easily track progress towards your goals with real-time data from integrations like Salesforce.

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Goals dashboard in Asana

Increase visibility into strategic initiatives

See how work connects to goals, so your team can focus on the highest-impact work. Clearly match resources to revenue-driving work in order to deliver fast results.

Teams are able to use Asana to make decisions to meet our goals.

Sebastian Todt

Director for Business Intelligence & Operations, Joyn

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Whether a campaign has a 3-day or 30-day turnaround, tracking many different types of projects in one unified ecosystem has been tremendously helpful for us.

Steven Tai

Director, Marketing Operations, Gannett

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I’m a visual learner, so I use Portfolios and Workload often. I can see a weekly timeline that shows exactly which tasks are due on a certain day. Visibility into the creative team’s bandwidth is the biggest change from our previous system.

Jessie Geisen

Brand Marketing Manager, US, Benefit Cosmetics

As Zoom grew, we wanted a standard view of everything going on so we could prioritize work and make business decisions. We needed visibility, accountability, consistency in how work gets done, and knowledge sharing across teams.

Ariel Chavan

Head of Security Product and Program Management, Zoom

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Spot blockers before they arise

Track how revenue-driving work is performing in one place, so you can quickly pinpoint blockers and proactively resolve project risks. Know exactly what you need to focus on in order to hit your ambitious goals.

Budget reporting on Asana
Act on real-time insights to stay on track—and on budget

Only Asana allows you to report against your entire organization’s project data—without limits. Easily identify which projects are on track and which need additional attention. Stay on budget and deliver goals ahead of schedule.

Track work from every angle
Critical path with milestones in Asana
Identify the critical path of milestones that help you achieve your goals

Important initiatives like annual planning and product launches are made up of a series of essential milestones and deliverables that need to be completed on time. Clearly spot the critical sequence of tasks so you can deliver on time and on budget.

How Asana uses Asana for strategic operations
Time tracking in Asana
Deliver campaign work on time

To hit your campaign goals on time, you need to understand how long each task takes. Get a clear view of how long your team spends on tasks and projects by comparing estimates and actuals—and adjust mid-flight if necessary.

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Workload in Asana
Manage team capacity across initiatives

When team members from different departments are staffed on cross-functional projects, it’s hard to see how much time they have for your important work. Visualize team capacity in one place to resolve potential blockers and hit your goals on time.

Improve capacity planning

Features and capabilities

Goals icon
Universal Reporting

Reporting translates project data into visual charts and digestible graphs. Pull data from any project or team to get an accurate picture of what’s happening.

Goals icon

Connect Goals to the work you’re doing to hit them. Effortlessly identify the projects that support key business objectives so you can prioritize work that delivers measurable results.

Portfolios icon

Organize and track all of your team's multiple projects in a single view with Portfolios. See how all your projects are progressing, then drill in for more details to address risks.

Universal Workload icon
Universal Workload

With Universal Workload, you can easily identify over- or under-allocation of resources across every project. Then, use executive reporting to get at-a-glance insight into projections vs. actuals.

Critical path icon
Critical path

Highlight a project’s longest chain of dependent tasks with critical path. See which tasks directly affect your project’s completion date so you can get your most important deliverables done on time.

Salesforce integration icon
Salesforce integration

Track revenue-based goals by combining real-time Salesforce data with Goals. Automatically update goal progress in Asana with data from Salesforce, so you can measure how you’re tracking against revenue targets.

Dashboards icon

Get a sense of how work is progressing in real time with Dashboards. Zoom out from the day to day to quickly understand your project’s progress, or customize Dashboard charts to focus on your own data.

Status updates icon
Status updates

Share status updates that are directly connected to the work your team does, so you can reduce manual work, centralize information, and keep everyone up to date. 

Dependencies icon

Mark a task as waiting on another task with dependencies. Teams with collaborative workflows can easily see what tasks they’re waiting on from others, and know when to get started on their portion of work.

Timeline icon

Timeline View is a Gantt-style project view that displays all your tasks in a horizontal bar chart. With Timeline View, you can easily track how the pieces of your plan fit together.

Calendar icon

View any project in Calendar view to see all upcoming and past work in a calendar format. Give stakeholders insight into task due dates, as well as the larger cadence of scheduled project work.

Time tracking icon
Time tracking

With native time tracking, quickly estimate expected and actual time spent on tasks. Get better real-time estimates on project progress which is essential for budgeting and forecasting.

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Effective strategic management isn’t just about planning your business strategy, but also executing it. With Asana, you can set, track, and report on revenue-driving work to ensure your teams are always focused on the most important initiatives. Because work and reporting happens in the same place, it’s easy to track your critical initiatives and resolve issues before they become blockers.

Your strategic management platform should be more than just a planning tool. Look for a software that allows you to plan, track, and report on work in one place. A good strategic management tool increases team and cross-team visibility so everyone understands how their work moves the business forward. 

The best way to know if a strategic management tool is right for you is to try it! That’s why anyone can try Asana for free for 30 days. Try Asana today.

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