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New: Increase clarity across your business with Asana for Operations and Asana for Sales and Account Management

February 26th, 2020
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New: Increase clarity across your business with Asana for Operations and Asana for Sales and Account Management

Around this time last year, we launched a suite of new features and integrations to help marketing and creative teams deliver their best work. Since then customers across industries and geographies have scaled their impact, faster, with Asana. But we know that clearly defined processes and centralized workflows aren’t just useful for marketing and creative teams. Coordinating work is challenging no matter what team you’re on. In fact, 83% of global knowledge workers say their teams aren’t as efficient as they could be due to not having the right processes in place.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the rollout of new features and integrations to help Asana Business and Enterprise customers in operationssales, and account management drive greater clarity and productivity. Read on to learn how these exciting enhancements are making it easier to automate, scale and report on crucial processes with Asana.

Asana for Operations

Operations teams play a critical role in building processes to drive revenue growth and deliver customer value. But rapid business expansion often makes it hard to prioritize initiatives, report on what’s working, and scale processes to prevent wide scale inefficiencies. Without clear or consistent processes in place, teams end up manually coordinating much of their work and wading through repetitive requests and questions. 

Now with Asana for Operations, teams can build and scale processes based on their organization’s best practices to kick off projects faster and focus on their most important goals. 

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The team is close to 20% more efficient overall by relying on Asana to keep their work organized and streamlined.”

Here’s how your operations team can use Asana to scale processes and increase efficiency:

  • Centralize objective planning and tracking in Portfolios.

  • Visualize real-time workflow data with the new Tableau integration.

  • Streamline work requests with Forms.

  • Automatically triage and assign requests to the right person or project with Rules.

  • Standardize best practices around vendor management, new employee onboarding, QBR agendas, and more with Templates.

Learn more about Asana for Operations on the Asana Guide

Asana for Sales and Account Management

The best sales organizations approach selling like a team sport. They expertly coordinate the resources of multiple functions to ensure everyone is aligned on goals and processes to move deals through the funnel. But when it comes to orchestrating handoffs and driving cross-functional accountability, many teams fall short—resulting in lost deals or delayed deployments. 

Now with Asana for Sales and Account Management, teams can easily communicate, collaborate, and deliver on customer expectations to close bigger deals and build stronger customer relationships. 

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We grew 270% last year, and we’ll do another 200% this year, if not more. Asana has given us the infrastructure to scale client onboarding while maintaining a higher quality of work.”

Here’s how your sales and account management teams can use Asana to create winning customer experiences:

Learn more about Asana for Sales and Account Management here

Asana for Marketing & Creative teams

We’ve also enhanced and added new features to help marketing and creative teams scale processes even faster. Now with Approvals your team can create trackable, digital records of key approval decisions to prevent mistakes and delays to work. You can then use enhanced, multi-step Rules to move work forward after initial actions have been taken. And for the first time, you can use Asana’s new Jira integration to increase visibility between web production and web developer teams.

Approvals carousel
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By getting requests out of email and using Asana to collaborate more effectively, we’re able to save 60 hours a month and now spend that time on strategy instead of managing all the disparate pieces.”

Learn more about Asana for Marketing and Creative teams here.

Confidently coordinate all of your work, all in one place

These features and integrations are available now to all Asana Business and Enterprise customers. Not a customer but looking for ways to optimize processes across your business? Try these features and integrations free for 30 days.

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