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Bug tracking template

Bug tracking starting to feel like whack-a-mole? Report, track, and prioritize all your bugs with this template.

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[Old product ui] Bug tracking template in Asana, Kanban board style project view (Boards)

How to track and report bugs with our template

We’ve all heard “move fast and break things,” but what about "move fast and fix them"? Without a clear process to report, prioritize, and fix bugs, it starts to feel like your team is playing a never ending game of whack-a-mole. Instead, create a clear process with this bug tracking template. Get strategic about how you squash bugs with our template and these tips:

  • Report on and collect bugs one place. Instead of getting a barrage of reports across various channels or wasting time trying to get more details, bug reporters can use a template task or form so you have all the information you need, all in one place.

  • Identify who’s fixing the bug, when. When a bug is worth fixing, assign the bug report to a teammate with all the details and give it a deadline to make it clear who is fixing it and when.

  • Keep priorities clear. Some bugs break important processes, while others can be dealt with later on. Keep your team focused by using custom fields to show priorities to ensure big problems get fixed fast.

  • Spot patterns with sorting. As you track bugs, custom fields can help you sort by categories to see patterns and get a pulse on the types of bugs you have.

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