Supporting teams for the long run

Our talented technology partners help eliminate data silos and streamline workflows, making Asana the only platform your team needs to coordinate work.

Asana technology partnership program

Strategic partners

Asana works with leading technology companies you trust to build solutions for the workflows your teams use every day.


From communication with Microsoft Teams to reporting with PowerBI, keep your team’s workflows running smoothly.

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Google workspace

Connect all your Google Workspace apps to Asana to keep teams aligned and speed up collaboration.

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Make sure action items don’t get lost in Slack channels, and keep teams up to date on work with notifications and more.

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Make meetings count. Connect them directly to your team’s work in Asana. And turn action items into tasks right from Zoom.

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Additional strategic partners

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon

Premier partners

No two teams work the same. Which is why we work with companies who understand those teams’ workflows the best.


Embed design files right in Asana tasks so teams have context to understand the work.

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Okta logo

Ensure teams access Asana securely. And eliminate username and password hassles.

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Create tasks in Asana from Zendesk tickets to resolve them quickly and more accurately.

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Vimeo logo

Record video messages in Asana to provide context alongside the work to be done.

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Additional premier partners

  • Service Now
  • Dropbox
  • Jira Software
  • Meta logo
  • Splunk logo
  • Box
  • Hubspot
  • Onelogin
  • Zapier
  • GitHub logo, Asana partner
  • Tableau
  • Miro

Platform partners

With more than 200 integrations to choose from, you can count on Asana to connect all the apps in your stack.


For coordination. Sync issues, tasks, projects, comments and more automatically.


For communication. Embed Loom videos in projects and tasks to bring your work to life.


For communication. Embed Wistia videos in projects and tasks to bring your work to life.


For communication. Embed your Whimsical wireframes, flowcharts, and mind maps in Asana …


For communication. Embed YouTube videos in projects and tasks to add more context to …

For coordination. Use to connect and build robust workflows between Asana and …


For coordination. Connect Asana and other apps, and build workflows across projects and …


For time tracking. Use Toggl to track Asana projects to see how much time they take.


For reporting. Get real-time engagement insights to see how your organization is using …


For coordination. Create Asana tasks from Freshdesk tickets, or link tickets to existing …


For coordination. Create one channel for communication between sales and other vital …


For communication. Keep your team connected and in-sync no matter where they’re working.


For reporting. Track important numbers and the status of your most critical Asana projects …


For tracking. Automatically create Asana tasks when a Jotform is submitted.


For coordination. Automatically convert responses from your Typeforms into tasks or …


For reporting. Pull data from Asana to use with your favorite BI tool.


For tracking. Automatically create Asana tasks from notes and Asana projects from Evernote …

Time Doctor

For time tracking. See how much time your team spends on projects and tasks.

For automation. Connect Asana to other apps with to automate routine tasks.


Frequently asked questions

How do I join Asana Partners?

To join the technology program, your integration must be published in Asana’s app directory. To submit your app for consideration, please complete this form. Once your integration has been reviewed and published, you will automatically become a Platform Partner.

Is there a cost to join Asana Partners?

Nope. There’s no cost.

What are the benefits of joining Asana Partners?

By joining the technology program, you will have the opportunity to extend your product reach and create more value for our shared customers. Plus, you may receive developer support, early access to APIs, co-marketing opportunities, and more.

Do I need to publish an integration to the apps directory to join the program?

Yes. You can learn more about building and publishing your integration to Asana's app directory on our developers page.

How can I move to a higher program tier?

All published integrations are automatically added to the Platform Partners tier. We regularly evaluate our partner tiers and reach out directly to partners who are eligible to move tiers.

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