Recursos para la gestión del trabajo

Descubre qué es la gestión del trabajo y cómo se ve en la práctica con los recursos de Asana.

  • ClassPass

    “With Asana, we're able to keep track of each piece of work, in one place.”

    Sarah Wormser, Marketing Operations Manager, ClassPass

  • Birchbox

    “Asana gave us a way to increase ownership and, by extension, drive better results.”

    Bene Cipolla, Director of Editorial Operations, Birchbox

  • MailChimp

    “Asana has helped us move important work forward from writing, to review, to publication.”

    Matthew Conley

  • Uber

    “Asana allows me to simultaneously manage teams across multiple markets so I'm able to ensure all of my projects are on track.”

    Christopher Ballard, General Manager - San Diego, Uber

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