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New for boards: custom fields and comment-only projects

January 16th, 2018
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New for boards: custom fields and comment-only projects article banner image

Some projects and work are easier to visualize on a board, than a standard list or calendar. You can quickly see an overview and move tasks from one phase to the next, just like sticky notes on a whiteboard. For you visual thinkers, we’ve added new functionality and control to our award-winning Kanban board feature.

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Asana’s Boards organize our work in a visual and intuitive way, so our campaign managers can quickly and easily get a birds-eye view of where each bill of material stands. We can then allocate resources when necessary and act on things that might be of high priority.”
Ashley Miller, Project Manager, New Relic

Now with Asana Premium, see custom fields on tasks to easily scan information on your Asana board and lock down editing access with comment-only projects.

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Now that custom fields appear on tasks in your boards projects, important information is front and center—such as status, priority, cost, or channel. Quickly scan your project so you can see where work stands, find what needs your attention, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

How to add custom fields to boards

  1. Click the project header dropdown

  2. Select Manage Custom Fields

  3. Add fields to the project such as priority, stage, or cost

Boards: Editorial calendar

Lock down your boards

We recently released comment-only projects and now you can change your project access on boards, too. Create comment-only projects for work you want to share with a lot of people but only a few need to contribute to, such as company goals, your product roadmap, or launch plans. This way, your teammates will have the information they need to do their jobs, and you can safeguard against unwanted edits or accidental changes.

How to make your project comment only

  1. Click the + in the top right corner of your project (where you add more members)

  2. Choose the access setting for the project at the team level, as well as the access setting for each project member.

Product roadmap boards

View your work your way

We hope these boards improvements make it easier to plan, track, and manage your team’s work in a visual way. In addition, the ability to convert from boards to lists is on our roadmap, and our team is committed to developing this functionality for our customers. Subscribe to the blog to receive updates about new Asana features and updates.

If you’re not yet on Asana Premium, you can upgrade now to enable custom fields and comment only on boards. Learn about the benefits of Premium or contact our sales team for more information.

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