The ultimate guide to creative production with Asana

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Creative teams are often in high demand, and they frequently have to manage deliverables for many stakeholders at once. But while creative project management is often cross-functional in nature, it doesn’t have to feel out of control.

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Get creative production tips from a seasoned professional, and set your entire team up for success.

Streamline the creative request process

Creative requests are an essential part of any project workflow. But things can get hairy when requests come at you from all sides, don’t map to team milestones, or don’t include the information you need to kick off work. To avoid this pitfall, learn how to create a creative request form template that includes essential details like timelines and due dates, target audience, and project scope.

Organize projects by campaign

Creative teams often create all the assets for larger campaigns, like product launches or roadshows. To keep all that work organized, learn how to create campaign-specific projects to clarify exactly what your team is doing to support each specific initiative. That way, everyone can see the creative workflow process unfold in real-time.

Optimize the review process

Revisions are key to any successful creative workflow. Learn how to use Proofing to ensure all feedback is concrete and actionable, so there’s no ambiguity about what your final product should look like. That way, projects can move seamlessly through the approval process, from ideation to final approvals.

Visualize important project details

When you manage a creative agency or in-house team, it’s important to monitor all your team’s projects in order to avoid bottlenecks, meet deadlines, and balance team members’ workloads. Learn how to organize and visualize key details about each task—like priority, asset format, and approval stage.

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