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Explore new world-class workflows: Introducing templates built by Discovery Inc., ClassPass, Awin, and City of Providence

February 15th, 2022
2 min read
Explore new world-class workflows: Introducing templates built by Discovery Inc., ClassPass, Awin, and City of Providence

When done right, workflows provide the clarity cross-functional teams need to reach their goals faster. Today, we’re making it even easier for you to visualize and build automated workflows. As a key part of Asana Flow, we’re thrilled to share a slew of new and customizable workflow templates created in collaboration with leading organizations around the world.  

From streamlining creative production to better campaign management, you can see firsthand how teams like yours connect the dots and map out successful processes. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can hit the ground running with these tried and tested workflows, drive efficiencies, and scale best practices across your organization.

Streamline the creative process like Discovery Inc.

Whether you are a designer, video editor, or multimedia superstar, the creative production process can feel like a tangled web. With an ever-growing number of tools, assets, and stakeholders to juggle, keeping creative teams aligned can be tricky.  

Discovery Inc., the media giant behind networks like TLC, Animal Planet, and Food Network, uses Asana to produce thousands of videos and creative assets every month to drive social and app engagement. And now you can see into their processes first-hand.

quotation mark
We used to have half a dozen workflows that were tracked separately in spreadsheets and email. Now they’re all managed in Asana, so we can see dependencies, asset status, who’s responsible, and when they’re launching.”

Discovery Inc.’s creative request workflow template can help you track all of your creative requests and ensure the right steps are taken as they move through each stage of the production process. 

Run successful marketing campaigns like ClassPass

Customer demands are changing faster than ever. Can your marketing teams keep up? No matter what kind of campaign you’re leading, your teammates need a clear process to execute it swiftly and successfully. 

The marketers at ClassPass, the app for all things fitness, spa and beauty, use Asana to plan and execute their campaigns faster while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. 

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We’re now able to produce our campaigns 30-40% faster than before because we have a clear process mapped in Asana. Every piece of work is being managed in one place, responsibilities and deadlines are visible to all.”

Use ClassPass’ workflow template to maximize your campaign speed and effectiveness. With this workflow, you can bring your marketing strategies immediately to life without compromising quality—all from a single source of truth. 

Simplify the hiring process like the City of Providence

Attracting and hiring the best talent takes a great deal of coordination. With so many moving pieces to manage, it can become difficult to keep hiring managers and potential candidates on the same page.

Curious how you can use Asana for your recruiting workflow? We got you covered. Now you can learn how the City of Providence in Rhode Island uses Asana to simplify the hiring process and deliver a positive candidate experience.  

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We track every step of the hiring process in Asana to ensure we’re aligned as candidates move through each stage–from reviewing resumes to making an offer. This ensures we provide a great candidate experience and fill roles faster.”

With the City of Providence template, you can fill roles faster by ensuring the right people are completing the right steps at every stage of the hiring process.

Hiring pipeline cropped

Take the manual work out of tracking work requests like Awin

Work requests can come in every shape and form—from IT tickets, to customer inquiries, to lunch orders. But the one thing that is consistent across all of them is the manual process required to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time. 

Awin, a global affiliate marketing technology platform, uses Asana to manage its content localization process across all central and local teams. By automating handoffs and approvals, the company eliminates 15 hours of manual work per week.

quotation mark
As avid Asana users across all functions of the business, it’s exciting to see how Asana and its Rules can successfully automate many of the steps and handoffs between teams for our content translation workflow. This process used to take 15 hours a week, and now it takes one minute.”

With Awin’s workflow template, you can automate routine steps, save precious time, and fulfill all kinds of work requests without missing a beat.

Access more best-in-class workflows today

Join the thousands of organizations that use Asana to build their mission-critical workflows. From kickoff to sign-off, you can plan your projects confidently with industry-proven processes built in collaboration with the best brands in the world. 

Looking for more best-in-class workflows? Head on over to our redesigned Workflow Templates library to find more new and improved templates created by Asana and many other leading organizations. 

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