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Level Up: Project and passion organization with Asana

March 11th, 2021
1 min read
Level Up: Project and passion organization with Asana article banner image

When you’re managing a team, coordinating work across projects, and trying to find balance through it all, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. To manage it all, you need a platform that works for you. Instead of mentally tracking all of your to-dos, using a tool to capture your workflow can free up your mind to focus on creativity and growing your business. 

This three-part video series brings the expertise of business professionals, creators, entrepreneurs, and multi-hyphenates who are thriving in work and in their personal lives by managing their projects and passions all in Asana. Watch them share their best tips, favorite product features, and mindset hacks to help you get started eliminating the noise and unleashing your creativity. 

1. Maximize productivity and creativity

Going from email threads and spreadsheets to organizing all your work in one place is possible, and this video shows you how to get started. Asana expert and Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Rasha Harvey, sits down with Social Media Strategist and Content Producer, Destiny Taylor, to discuss how to create, collaborate, and organize your work visually in one platform. 

2. Using Asana in a multi-hyphenated world

Multi-hyphenate extraordinaire and Asana Ambassador, Shawnee Leonard, uses Asana to plan, organize, and manage multiple projects and business ventures all at once. She walks you through her favorite Asana features for keeping her work on track so she can focus on staying creative and growing revenue—without letting anything fall through the cracks. 

3. Project manage your work and your life in one place

Creative power couple Ariel Harris, Founder at GymHooky, and Quinnton Harris, Co-founder at Retrospect, rely on Asana to achieve work-life balance, optimize creative output, and stay organized through it all. Watch them share how Asana’s organizational framework empowers them to be creative and manage everything from major business projects to small personal tasks. 

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