Are you the person your co-workers ask when they have questions about Asana? Do you love telling your peers about why and how you use Asana? If you’re already an enthusiast, why not make it official by becoming an Asana Ambassador?

A partnership you can be proud of

As an Asana Ambassador, you’ll be the first to know about Asana updates, and get Ambassador-exclusive training, resources, and badges. Apply to become an Asana Ambassador today.

Picture of Stacey Pringle, Asana Ambassador

“Asana completely disrupted our Marketing and Design workflow in the most productive way possible, allowing us to achieve things we never thought possible. Since joining the Asana Together Community as an Ambassador I have been guided and given the tools to be able to empower other teams in the company to do their best work.”

Stacey Pringle, Asana Ambassador

Design and Marketing at Peninsula Leisure

Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia

Picture of Alexandra Hoyt, Asana Ambassador

“Being an Asana Ambassador has given me the opportunity to step up in my team and encourage organization and teamwork. My team members turn to me with Asana related questions, whether it be how best to set up a new project, or how to collaborate across different teams in our division. I am excited for the opportunities Asana Together will continue to bring, especially the Asana events that I will put on.”

Alexandra Hoyt, Asana Ambassador

Senior Events Coordinator at Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, California, USA

Picture of Angel Rodrigo González Ochoa, Asana Ambassador

“The flexibility of the workflow in Asana is incredible – it gives me the versatility to handle teams with different types of methodologies, as well as support with my personal needs. Being part of the Asana Together community has helped me get the best productivity from the tool and through my work with teams.”

Angel Rodrigo González Ochoa, Asana Ambassador

Business Administrator

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Share the love, officially

Get peer recognition

Peer recognition

Share your Asana Ambassador badge on social media to show your status.

Receive event support

Event support

Utilize Asana’s registration tools, marketing support, and goodies to host your own events and delight your attendees.

Receive in-depth training and support.

In-depth training

You’ll become an even better Asana expert and have access to the best training resources.

Receive event templates and materials.

Event templates and materials

We’ll give you ready-to-present event templates, materials, and presentation decks.

Get exclusive resources

Exclusive resources

Ambassadors are part of the Asana family and get insider access to the Asana team, private webinars, and product previews.

Connect with other Asana fans

Connection to other Asana fans

You’ll be invited to private members-only discussions with other Ambassadors, community members, and the Asana team.

Receive first-class support

First-class support

Get your Asana questions answered quickly with priority help from our team.

Fun goodies and rewards

Fun goodies and rewards

Complete challenges and refer customers to receive goodies, referral bonuses, and other surprises.

Become an Asana Ambassador

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get for becoming an Asana Ambassador?

You’ll get direct connection to the Asana team, access to product announcements before the general public, assets and resources for sharing Asana with your network, and the ability to host meetups and trainings via the official Asana events page. Finally, when you refer qualified customers to Asana, you may receive a commission bonus when they sign up for a paid subscription.

Do I qualify to become an Asana Ambassador?

We welcome all Asana enthusiasts, both team leaders and team members, to become Ambassadors. If you’re excited to share Asana within your team and beyond, then this program is for you, and we encourage you to apply!

What happens once I apply?

After you apply, the Asana team will review your application and invite you into an exclusive self-paced online training program just for prospective Asana Ambassadors. Once you successfully complete training, you’ll officially be part of the program.

What am I expected to do as an Asana Ambassador?

Asana Ambassadors are important contributing members within the broader Asana community. For instance, you can participate online by sharing Asana tips and tricks on social media, writing blog posts, posting in the Asana Community Forum, or offering an Asana-themed webinar. Offline, you may organize Asana-themed events and workshops, including private training sessions for your team or Asana networking meetups for your local community. You choose the activities that are right for you.

Can I be a member of more than one group in Asana Together? (ex. Asana Ambassador and Certified Pro)

No, you can only be in one program at a time.

What is Asanaverse?

Asanaverse is a space in Asana, separate from your organization, that you will be invited into as an Asana Together member. Asanaverse is organized in projects, which houses tools and resources you need as an Asana Ambassador. It will also let you connect with the Asana team, watch previously recorded member-content, and much more.

What other opportunities are there for me to get involved with Asana?

We have lots of ways for you to get connected with other people in the Asana community.

Check out Asana Together, our community program.