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Your mission control center to monitor connected projects and collaborate across teams.

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Get a bird’s-eye view icon
Get a bird’s-eye view

See the health of key initiatives at a glance, and drill down for more information.

Streamline reporting icon
Streamline reporting

Create custom dashboards and track metrics like budget and time across projects.

Keep teammates informed icon
Keep teammates informed

Use our status update builder to share project highlights and progress in minutes.

Build a portfolio icon

Build a portfolio

  • Add work with a click: Search for existing projects and add them to your portfolio.

  • Organize at scale: Label each initiative so you can sort by priority, type, and more. 

  • Know who’s responsible: View and assign owners for each project.

Monitor projects in real time icon

Monitor projects in real time

  • See progress in one pane: Click into a portfolio to see which projects are on track and which ones need your attention. 

  • Track data at a glance: Automatically summarize data across each project, like time spent or available budget.

  • Build custom dashboards: Visualize stats like incomplete tasks and employee workloads, so you can stop problems before they start.

Collaborate across teams icon

Collaborate across teams

  • Share information: Invite teammates to your portfolio to give them all the details they need in one place.

  • Keep work private: Choose which initiatives are private and which ones your team can see. 

  • Send status updates: Share updates with every stakeholder in your portfolio with a few clicks.

Put it all together

Portfolios are just the start. Combine Asana’s features to keep tabs on your most important work.

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Many projects, one view

Monitor your most important work in one place. See how your team can stay informed—and connected—with Asana portfolios.