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Weploy helps clients solve staffing shortages with Asana


Increased visibility

Teams execute more efficiently because everyone has visibility into work and priorities across their interstate offices.

Faster campaign launches

The marketing team is able to launch campaigns faster because plans and responsibilities are clear.

Increased accountability

Clear ownership of work has increased accountability and effectiveness across the company.

Met accelerated deadlines

Able to work in collaboration with an external agency on the rollout of a new Website and meet a tight publishing deadline using a shared Asana board across teams.

RegionAsia, Australia, New Zealand
Company sizeSmall Business
Key workflows
Campaign managementNew employee onboarding
Key features
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If you’ve ever been involved in hiring, you know it can be a time- and resource-intensive process. But what if you could find quality candidates for temporary office support needs in as little as 30 seconds? Weploy a temporary on-demand staffing platform headquartered in Melbourne, is helping “Weployers” from large, multinational enterprises like Perpetual and VicSuper, to smaller Australian startups and forward thinking tech companies do just that, by matching them with one of their 500+ “Weployees.”

Creating structure to increase accountability

Like most start-ups, the lean but mighty team of 40 at Weploy moves fast. In order to execute quickly, the founding team realized that email and spreadsheets wouldn’t meet their work coordination and collaboration needs. So they turned to Asana to centralize their work in order to prevent information silos, make responsibilities and deadlines clear, and hold people accountable. And since they planned to use it across the business, it needed to be flexible enough to handle a variety of projects and processes and simple to use for those in non-technical roles.

Moving faster thanks to increased visibility and better accountability

Since launching in 2017, the company has grown quickly and expanded to include an office in Sydney. Asana is now used to onboard all new employees to the company so their path to success is clear from day one, and teams from marketing and finance to product and engineering are managing their projects and processes in the platform. “Leadership has visibility into work happening across the business, and people know what work they need to focus on, which helps us move faster,” says Sara Kaplan, Content and Social Media Manager.

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Asana is vital for us to run a lean, agile team. By managing our work in the platform, everyone has full visibility into the plan and to-dos, and clear ownership of work holds people accountable.”
Sara Kaplan, Content & Social Media Manager

The company shows no sign of slowing down: They’re currently expanding their sales and demand generation functions, and developing new solutions for the market. Through all of this growth, however, one thing will remain constant—managing work in Asana.

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