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Docusign + Asana

View relevant details of Docusign envelopes in Asana tasks with the Docusign widget.

Install Docusign for Asana
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Install Docusign for Asana

What is Docusign?

Docusign is an electronic signature and agreement cloud that helps you simplify agreement processes.

Why Docusign + Asana?

The Docusign + Asana integration allows teams to keep track of Docusign envelopes by adding them to Asana tasks. Instead of having to check separate tools to see the status of an envelope, teams can view accurate envelope details in Asana.


For example, teams using Asana for their contract approval process can add a Docusign envelope to an Asana task to monitor status, sender, recipients, and date delivered.

How to connect Docusign + Asana

Here’s how to attach a Docusign envelope to an Asana task:

  1. Log into Asana, and find the project where you want to enable the Docusign widget
  2. Click on Customize in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Scroll down to the Apps section, then select +Add app
  4. Select Docusign
  5. Click Add to project and follow the steps to connect Docusign to Asana
  6. Navigate to an Asana task
  7. Link an envelope to a task by clicking the Add Docusign envelope button on the Docusign field at the top of the task details pane
  8. Insert the URL for your relevant Docusign envelope
  9. Attached Docusign envelope details will appear as a widget in the task pane

Note: This integration is already built into Asana, but you need to sign up for a Docusign account to get started.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Docusign + Asana integration, visit the Asana Guide.

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, contact the Asana Support team.

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