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Why I joined Asana: Anna Vossschulte, Enterprise Account Executive

December 4th, 2020
4 min read
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Anna Vossschulte is an Enterprise Account Executive, based out of our Munich office. She loves working closely with customers to help them work together more efficiently. The moment that sticks out for Anna is when she sees a customer have a  “lightbulb moment” with Asana.  That’s when they realize how it can change the way their teams collaborate to drive greater business impact. Get to know Anna and why she joined #teamasana.

What was your journey to becoming an Enterprise Account Executive? 

It’s a funny story actually! If you met me eight years ago, I would have told you that I would never work in sales. For me, it was a job with too much pressure at the time. Then I started as a sales representative early in my career and realized I enjoyed talking to different people at a variety of different companies and helping them solve the challenges they are facing. I started closing my first deals and got so much excitement from it. Ever since that role, I realized I love the work we do in sales. I love talking to customers and building relationships, and there is no feeling quite like receiving the signature in your inbox when a deal is closed. 

Why I joined Asana: Anna Vossschulte

What attracted you to join Asana? 

I was immediately drawn to both Asana as a product and the company culture. When I’m looking for a new job, it’s important that I love the product that I’m selling and that was just the case with Asana. It’s a product I truly believe in and it has changed the way that I work. I’ve always been a super organized person, but Asana helped improve my organizational skills in ways that I could never imagine.

Another reason I joined was because of the culture and people. I always seek those out when I make a career change, since they are non-negotiables for me in a company. Asanas are so driven, dedicated to their work, and genuinely kind people. My manager is so supportive, provides new and challenging opportunities for me, and really pushes me to reach my full potential. It’s amazing being part of a team where everyone wants to achieve great things together. 

How have you felt supported in your career journey and growth at Asana?

I’m a big believer of everybody owning their own growth and development. I’ve been at Asana since the beginning of 2020. Within my first six months, I had a conversation with my manager to understand what my growth potential was at the company and how I could continue to develop my skills. My manager is always open to having these development conversations with me and is extremely supportive. We’ve discussed lateral and upward movement across sales, opportunities to support other global regions, and what I could do to improve my skills each day. We clearly outlined key goals and determined what steps I needed to take to achieve them. I would encourage everyone to have these open conversations with their manager to help them reach their goals.

Why I joined Asana: Anna Vossschulte

Describe what it’s like being a part of the Munich team. 

I was only in the Munich office for three days before the transition to remote work. Even in the short amount of time that I got real face-to-face connection, I have always felt like a true part of the team and still have been able to make strong relationships and friendships with the team. We’ve grown too, and it’s been incredible to see so many new faces as part of our Munich office. We do our best to stay connected through virtual celebrations, Friday pizza parties, or casual 1:1 meetings to check in on how everyone is doing. I can’t wait to get back to the office someday to feel the energy of my teammates! 

What is something unique about the Asana Sales team? 

The spirit and determination of the team is incredible. My teammates are constantly supporting me in my work and I always feel like they have my back, even working remotely. It’s really special to see how much energy and enthusiasm the team puts into their work, and they care deeply. If you lose a deal or it doesn’t go as planned, people are always there for me, are willing to talk, and check in on how I’m doing. If you win a deal or hit your numbers, the team is there to celebrate and honor your achievements. 

How do you use Asana in your day-to-day work? And how does using it impact your work?  

I love organization and structure, so I use Asana for everything—personally and professionally. My favorite feature is multi-homing. I think it’s absolutely brilliant to be able to have the same task in multiple different projects at once, so stakeholders always know what’s going on and have visibility into your workstream. This also shows how transparent Asana is as a product, so you always have clarity around who is doing what by when. I love when I’m working with a customer and they respond with, “Why are you sending me an email when we have Asana now?”  

What does Asana’s mission mean to you?

My goal in my work is to help customers be more efficient and have full clarity around who is doing what by when—essentially taking the guesswork out and allowing teams to collaborate better. “Work about work” is something we talk about a lot at Asana and this is something I understand all too well. At previous companies we used to have a ton of internal meetings to bring people up to speed, we were constantly sending out updates, and doing a lot of coordinating about our work. Asana provides such transparency and clarity as a product, allowing us to focus on what matters most and eliminates this “work about work.” This is what inspires me—focusing on how my role contributes to helping teams around the world work together effortlessly.  

Why I joined Asana: Anna Vossschulte

If you could give a new Asana one piece of advice, what would it be?

Take the time to get to know as many people as you can. Talk to different people across teams and regions and try to understand what the goals of their teams are and how you can help support one another. We have such talented teammates who come from incredible backgrounds all over the world. I am always amazed after walking away from a conversation with a fellow Asana. 

Bring your ideas, thoughts, and past experiences with you. It can be intimidating to start a new job remotely, but people still want to meet you and get to know you. Just remember that you belong here and never second guess that! 

Work with Anna—join Team Asana!

Check out opportunities to join the Sales team. We have open roles in MunichSan FranciscoDublinTokyoSydney and New York.

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