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20 things #teamasana is excited for in 2020

January 22nd, 2020
3 min read
20 things #teamasana is excited for in 2020 article banner image

There are many things to look forward to this year at Asana. So we talked to a few Asanas from our global offices recently to find out what they’re most excited for in 2020. From customers, to culture, to growth and mentorship, here’s what they had to say: 

San Francisco 

“With Asana emerging as a key player in the work management category, I look forward to seeing how our product will continue to exceed our customer’s expectations and delight them even more with new features.” – Elyse Anderson, Mid Market Account Executive 

“I’m focused on helping people define clear goals for themselves and encouraging them to consistently communicate as they work towards them. It’s amazing to me how powerful mentorship can be.” – Greg Sabo, Engineering Manager

“Getting in front of customers more often as we go upmarket as a sales organization. Our company-wide kick off will be a great time to connect with our global team members and learn about their challenges and successes to inform my own work.” – Alex Hunte, Mid Market Account Executive 

Team Asana blog: San Francisco Team

New York 

“I’m inspired by our product roadmap and how clearly our plans align with both our mission and customer feedback. We’re equipped with the customer insights, resources, and leadership support to innovate on how teams collaborate.” – Krista Plano, Experience Researcher

“Working on different projects makes me realize that we’re building something that customers really do care about. When I think back to our mission, it’s such a good reminder of why we build the things we do and I’m so excited for what’s to come.” – Beebs Chhetri, Product Engineer

“Seeing what we have planned for our customers makes me super excited and proud to be working with the mighty team we have in New York City. I’m also looking forward to seeing how our team will evolve and grow as a global office.” – Tammy Liu, Product Engineer

“I’m excited to devote my time to work that is most impactful and personal passions that are most important to me. Asana’s emphasis on mindfulness as one of our company values is a big part of this inspiration.” – Olivia Eckert, Technical Recruiting Partner

Team Asana blog: New York Team


“I’m looking forward to growing my skills and impact as an engineer and focusing on making the Asana experience as seamless as possible for our customers.” – Hailey Musselman, Software Engineer 

“My work focuses on making teamwork and collaboration easier for our customers, and I spend a lot of time learning about our customers’ needs as a researcher. It will be such a joy to see developments in our product that address real-world pains and needs.” – Terri Herbert, Experience Researcher 

“In addition to growing our team, we’ll continue to build strong community engagement and relationships within the local market. The foundation and progress we made in 2019 has only encouraged us to strive for bigger goals in 2020.” – Ken Chan, Technical Recruiting Partner 

“Always keeping a global mindset. Now is our time to lay a foundation that will scale with us as we grow across time zones, languages, and cultures.” – Amanda Isaak, Site Operations 

Team Asana blog: Vancouver Team


“I can’t wait to be in the field and meet with some of our amazing customers. I think this year is going to be a tipping point for work management in Europe, and Asana is going to be at the forefront of helping global teams thrive in EMEA.” – Katie Rowland, Marketing Manager

“I’m excited to see all the new Asana features that will launch this year! I’m also looking forward to delivering standout customer service and continuing to learn deeper technical aspects of our Product.” – Alexia Falcoz, User Operations Analyst 

Team Asana blog: Dublin Team


“There is a lot to come with the support and consultation we can offer to the UK market. I’m excited to improve our go-to-market activities and build on the existing projects in place, such as the community initiatives with Asana Together World Tour and the relationships we’ve been developing.” – Richard Ward, Enterprise Sales


“I’m looking forward to our many engineering off-sprints and the freedom they offer to contribute in ways that bring me even greater professional growth and personal satisfaction.” – David Brandt, Software Engineer

Team Asana blog: Reykjavík Team


“I’m so excited to grow our accounts with both existing and new customers who share in our belief that work management (with Asana) can alleviate work about work” – Thomas Gronbach, Field Marketing


“We have so many new opportunities, customers, and teams coming on board who are ready to become more productive and run more efficient processes using Asana. This will be a pivotal year for our region.” – Meenal Sim, Customer Success Manager

“I’m looking forward to more growth in the office. Coming up on my year in the Sydney office, the team has almost tripled since I started. I’m excited to grow the team even more this year, and I can’t wait to help new Asanas become successful here.” – Brandon Huang, User Operations Strategist 

“As a marketer, I love attending events, championing our customer stories, and increasing our face time with customers – and I’m thrilled to kick that off in the new year to support business growth.” – Liz Cargill, Field Marketing Manager 

Team Asana blog: Sydney Team


“I’m excited to support our customers’ growth and  innovation using Asana and ultimately help bring about a transformation in the culture of work in Japan.” – Akira Uchino, Marketing Lead, Japan 

Team Asana blog: Tokyo Team

We’d love for you to be a part of Asana’s journey in 2020! Check out our open roles and apply today.

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