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New member management features for admins

March 11th, 2016
1 min read
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As an Asana admin, you are likely responsible for managing the members in your Organization—knowing who has access to Asana and deprovisioning members when appropriate. We recently launched two new features just for Asana Premium admins that make member management even easier.

Export member information

First, we’ve built a way for you to export member information to a CSV file. This export gives you additional information about your members (beyond what you can see in your Organization Settings), including when they joined your Asana Organization, and which teams and projects they are a member of. You can also see information like the date they last logged in and whether they are a member or a guest.

Seeing which projects and teams members are a part of lets you know what information they have access to, which can be especially important when you’re managing guests from outside your company.

To export your member data:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and go to your Organization Settings

  2. Click on the Members tab

  3. Under Membership Data, click Request CSV

Organization request

The CSV file will be emailed to you and will contain a spreadsheet with the following data for each member and guest in your Organization:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Date joined the Organization

  • First login date

  • Login method

  • Last activity date

  • Internal (yes/no)

  • Number of teams

  • Names of teams

  • Number of projects

  • Names of projects

Manage deprovisioned members’ tasks

We’ve also made it easier to ensure no work gets forgotten when you deprovision members. Now, when you remove a member from your Organization, all of the tasks assigned to them will be put into a project accessible by you (and only you). You can then go through and make sure that the work gets picked up by someone else. In fact, you will automatically be assigned a task to consider delegating the former member’s tasks. Of course, you can also add others (the person’s manager or another teammate) to the project and assign them the task of delegating the work.

Delegating deprovisioned tasks:

  • After you remove a member, you’ll see a link to a project called [Name] Previously Assigned Tasks.

Organization settings
  • Click on the project to see all the tasks that were assigned to the removed individual (they will now be unassigned)

  • Asana also automatically assigns you a new task called Consider delegating [Name’s] tasks which has a link to the project.

Asana admin

We recommend adding the former member’s manager to this project and re-assigning the delegation task to them since they’ll be most familiar with the work.

More admin features on the way

We’re continuing to add functionality for Organization Administrators and will have more news to share in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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