Jira Cloud for Asana: Bridge business and technical teams

February 26th, 2020
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When teams connect the right people, processes, and ideas from across their organization, they can accomplish amazing things together. Unfortunately not all teams work and communicate in the same tools, creating challenges for cross-functional collaborators and slowing down work on shared projects. This is especially true for technical and business teams whose highly interdependent work can get bogged down by a lack of visibility and repetitive, often duplicate, progress tracking. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Jira Cloud for Asana integration, available today to all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers. With this integration, you’ll be able to create connected workflows across business and technical teams for real-time visibility into shared work.

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Increase visibility into shared work and simplify team handoffs

Recent research shows global knowledge workers spend the majority of their time on work about work, like providing status updates and chasing down approvals. For customers that use both Asana and Jira, this pain is all too familiar. Your teams spend countless hours manually updating both platforms, parsing through long email chains for status updates, and resolving inconsistencies before they cause confusion or roadblocks further down the line.

With the new Jira Cloud for Asana integration, you can eliminate these time-consuming activities by linking Jira issues directly to Asana tasks and projects. Simply navigate to the task in question and the Jira widget will display important information like issue name, status, priority, assignee, and more, without requiring you to leave Asana or have your own Jira license. 

Here are a few ways business teams can benefit from increased visibility:

  • Sales: Reps can access real-time status updates about product launches to help move stalled deals over the finish line. 

  • Customer Success: Managers can view software development progress to give customers a preview of new features and adapt training materials.

  • Product: Product leads can seamlessly hand off work to developers and track progress in a single source of truth.

And the benefits go both ways. In addition to giving business teams greater visibility into technical projects happening in Jira, the Jira Cloud for Asana integration allows technical teams to coordinate work with business collaborators more easily.

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For example, technical teams will be able to execute smoother handoffs during: 

  • Web production: Developers can link Jira issues to web roadmaps and sprint projects in Asana to collaborate with marketing and design teams from a single project.

  • Web design: When mockups are finalized, designers can automatically create Jira issues from Asana tasks with identical task descriptions and attachments so web producers don’t have to duplicate content. 

  • Product launch planning: When launch plans are ready to kickoff, product managers can turn Asana tasks into Jira issues to track engineering sprints.

You can learn more about Jira Cloud for Asana and how to use it to increase cross-functional transparency and efficiency on the Asana Guide.

Better together

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Jira and Asana really are better together. Start enabling clearer, more seamless workflows between cross-functional teams today by trying Jira Cloud for Asana free for 30 days

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