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Make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom

July 21st, 2021
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Make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom

Video meetings are a key source of connection between team members—whether your team is remote, hybrid, or globally distributed. Yet more face time through video calls doesn’t always equal more high-impact work. In fact, our research shows that casual chats have been replaced with unnecessary meetings, costing individuals 157 hours of productivity over the past year. 

Meetings alone aren’t the issue—the problem occurs when meetings aren’t connected to your team’s work. You might have a productive discussion with your team, but if that discussion isn’t captured in notes and action items, a lot of that information will simply be lost. Now, you can turn team discussions into actionable meetings with the Asana app for Zoom. 

The Asana app for Zoom makes it easier for teams to collaborate and accomplish their biggest goals, no matter where they’re working. Joining the over 200 technology partners that we’re building alongside, the Asana and Zoom integration extends the power of Asana as a single platform for distributed work. With the Asana app for Zoom, teams can host more purposeful and focused meetings powered by tasks, action items, and searchable transcripts in Asana. Reduce app switching and ensure your team has the information and clarity they need to deliver impact.

The Asana app for Zoom makes meetings better

The launch of the Asana app for Zoom extends our existing Asana for Zoom integration with even more powerful functionality. With Asana and Zoom, you can transform productive conversations into actionable to-do’s that deliver impact. This integration makes it easy to prepare for meetings, hold actionable conversations, and access information once the call is over. Here’s how.

Share meeting details and context in advance

Focused, actionable meetings start in Asana. Before your call, share a meeting agenda to give team members visibility and context into what you’ll be discussing. If needed, share any documents, files, or slide decks that team members should read ahead of time, so everyone is ready to contribute once the meeting begins. Then, attach a Zoom link directly to the task in Asana so everyone can find and join the meeting on time. 

Stay on track during the meeting

Once the meeting begins, reduce app switching by opening Asana directly within Zoom. Asana will automatically show all the tasks connected with the Zoom meeting. This makes it easy to remember which topics need to be discussed and what questions need to be answered. 

Make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom (Image 1)

Capture action items—without leaving Zoom

As the meeting progresses, take notes, capture action items, and assign tasks for any follow-up questions without ever leaving Zoom. Remain focused on the conversation, while still capturing important information. Even after the meeting is over, the action items you created during the Zoom meeting will ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom (Image 2)

Easily search for information once the meeting is over

Don’t remember what someone said in a previous meeting? Feel like you missed some notes? The Asana app for Zoom can help. Once the meeting is over, you can access all of the action items and notes you created in Asana. Depending on your Zoom plan, Asana will also pull a transcript of the meeting, so the entire team can stay aligned on decisions and next steps. To revisit meeting details, search and find specific information within the meeting transcript.

Make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom (Image 3)

Make your meetings focused and actionable

Setting up the Asana app for Zoom is easy—and any Asana customer can use it. Enable the integration for any project in Asana. Start by selecting a project where you want to enable the integration. Then, click Customize in the right hand corner of the project, and add the Zoom app to the project. 

To use Asana within Zoom, be sure to enable the Asana app for Zoom. Get instructions on how to do that here

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