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Connect your company objectives and the work that supports them, so teams can get the right things done.

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Align every level icon
Align every level

Set goals and key results for your company, your team, or yourself, and see how they ladder up.

Prioritize the right work icon
Prioritize the right work

Connect each goal to the projects and portfolios that support it.

Track automatically icon
Track automatically

Goals instantly update as your team makes progress, so you can spot blockers in real time.

Create a goal icon

Create a goal or OKR

  • Add a goal: Categorize your goal as an objective, key result, or individual goal—or use a goal template to get a head start.

  • Set a target: Choose if you’d like to measure the progress of your goal automatically or manually.

  • Define your team:  Select a single owner, and add stakeholders you want to keep in the loop. 

  • Plan your timeline: Set a custom due date or pick a quarter, half, or fiscal year to focus on your goal.

  • Choose who has access: Make your goal public to your organization, or only share it with specific team members.

  • Describe the work: Format the goal description however you want, with bulleted lists, hyperlinks, tables, images, and more.

Connect your work icon

Connect your work

  • Ladder up: Link your goal to the team and company-wide objectives it supports. 

  • Divide and conquer: Create sub-goals to break your objective into smaller pieces.

  • Tie it together: Connect the projects, portfolios, and tasks that support your goal.

Report on progress icon

Report on progress

  • Update automatically: Instantly track your goal’s progress based on the sub-goals or projects that support it. 

  • Keep your team informed: Share updates and set a status to show if your goal is on track, at risk, or off track. 

  • See the big picture: Create dashboards to monitor goal progress across your company. 

  • Link data across tools: Automatically update your goals based on reporting from apps like Salesforce.

Share safely icon

Collaborate effectively

  • Share safely: Keep teams in the loop by adding them as members, and prevent unintended edits with comment-only access.

  • Show what’s relevant: Create custom views so teammates can only see information that matters to them.

  • Scale your process: Use templates with defined attributes to standardize goal-setting across your organization.

Put it all together

Goals are just the start. Use them with these features to keep everyone in sync, no matter which team they’re on.

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Stay on target

Make goals visible and connect them to everyday work, so teams can prioritize what matters.