Asana vs. Wrike

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What’s the difference between Asana and Wrike?

Wrike gives you a predefined structure to manage your projects. In Asana, you can plan and manage projects in the structure and layout that works best for your team’s unique needs. Here are three ways Asana gives you more flexibility than Wrike:

Manage projects your way

Set up projects and track your work in the way that makes the most sense for your team.

Connect work across teams

Add tasks to multiple projects to avoid duplicate work and keep teams in sync.

Report on progress

Run reports on the data you care about so you know where to focus your effort.

Asana list

Map out each piece of work in a list, organize all of the details in one place, and manage projects your way—from start to finish.

Asana boards

Organize your work like sticky notes on a Board that you can move through multiple stages quickly, easily, and beautifully.

Asana Timeline

See how all the pieces of your project fit together on Timeline, so you can keep work on track—even as plans change.

Asana Portfolios

Get a high-level overview of how all your projects are progressing in real time, so you can proactively address risks and report updates to stakeholders.

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Run reports on the information you care about

Wrike sets your report criteria for you. In Asana, you can create custom reports on the information and project data—within your team and across the company—that's most important to you.

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Keep cross-functional work connected

In Wrike, you can list out work in a project but it stops there. With Asana, you can store tasks in multiple projects to connect work cross-functional work across teams—so everyone’s on the same page.

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[Asana] gives us the flexibility to oversee the project from a macro and micro level clearly, which is great for keeping managers and developers/designers on the same page…there is also a mobile app and calendar integration to make sure that even on the go, you are aware of what’s on your schedule.

Capterra review by Rabeah Abbas, Lead Web Developer

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Connect your other tools, too

Make communication and collaboration even easier by integrating the other tools your team already using with Asana.

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Move your work into Asana

Transfer your work from Wrike to Asana with our CSV importer, so you can get set up quickly and transition your team smoothly.

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Start managing your projects in Asana

Asana is flexible enough for everyone to use, and has the power you need to connect and report on your work.