Asana vs. Airtable

Get a tool that helps your team plan, manage, and communicate about work—all in one place.

Asana vs Airtable

How does Asana compare to Airtable?

Airtable organizes work like spreadsheets, with projects tracked in different databases that aren’t connected. In Asana, teams can coordinate, manage, and discuss all of their work in one place—in the project layout that works best for their needs. Here are three ways Asana is different than Airtable:

Connect work across teams

Add tasks to multiple projects in Asana to avoid duplicating work, increase team efficiency, and keep everyone on the same page.

Increase accountability

Make expectations clear by defining what needs to be done, assigning work to teammates, and setting deadlines.

Centralize collaboration

Manage and communicate about work all in one place with Asana, so teammates have the information they need—where they need it.

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Coordinate work and collaborate in Asana

Unlike Airtable, Asana is built to manage work across multiple teams and projects. Plus, conversations are connected to tasks so everyone stays updated on progress.

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Asana boards

Add tasks to multiple projects to prevent duplicate work and keep everyone in sync across projects and teams.

Asana My Tasks

Assign tasks with due dates to teammates so it’s clear who’s responsible for the work and when it needs to be completed.

Asana Timeline

See how all the pieces of your project fit together with Timeline, so you can keep work on track—even as plans change.

Task conversation in Asana

Communicate about work with team conversations, project status updates, and task comments directly in Asana. Plus, connect Asana and Slack to turn conversations into trackable action items.

I use Asana regularly because everything is in one spot for project management and collaboration. Having a section for discussions, a calendar to see task deadlines and the media upload section are definitely important features that make Asana stand out.

Capterra review by Beverley T.

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Move your work into Asana

Transfer your work from spreadsheets or Airtable to Asana with our CSV importer so you can get set up quickly and transition your team smoothly.

Import Work into Asana

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Start managing your work in Asana

Asana helps teams coordinate, manage, and collaborate about work—all in one place.