Asana vs. Airtable

See why millions of people choose Asana over Airtable to give their teams greater clarity, context, and ownership over their work.

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What’s the difference between Asana and Airtable?

Growing teams need more than a tool that organizes work like a spreadsheet. Asana grows with your needs, providing a living system where everyone can see, discuss, and manage team priorities.

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Holistic project views

Slice and dice your projects any way you want. Asana offers more ways for you to view projects and tasks so you can effectively report on progress and data.

List, Board, Timeline, Calendar, Files, Progress, Portfolios, Workload, Inbox, My Tasks

Grid, Calendar, Form, Kanban, Gallery Views

Progress and reporting

Asana provides multiple ways to view work to see how teams are progressing toward company goals.

Advanced Search, Saved Search Reports, Milestones, Project Progress, Portfolios, Workload

Basic Search, Graphs, Charts

Prioritize work requests

Use Asana’s easy-to-fill forms and work request templates to centralize and prioritize work requests.

Connect work across teams

Connect your teams in Asana by linking dependencies between tasks. You can use the Timeline feature to plan ahead and visualize how work is connected.

Manage workloads to avoid burnout

Asana Workload provides a holistic view of your team’s capacity and schedules. Effectively allocate resources to ensure projects are staffed without risking employee burnout.

Feedback and approvals

Mark up images using proofing in Asana to automatically turn feedback into tasks.

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Pricing that scales with your team

Get unlimited storage, activity history, and invite as many guests as you need. We charge only a fixed price per team member.

Connect with tools you already use

Add integrations with tools like Slack, Google, and Microsoft Office without worrying about hidden charges or unpredictable costs.

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Asana vs Airtable

Bring all your favorite tools with you

Asana integrates with the apps you rely on every day to work more efficiently.

Import existing projects
Easily migrate work from Airtable, spreadsheets, and other tools into Asana with our CSV importer, and manage everything in one place.

100+ integrations
With integrations for Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook and so many more, Asana is the perfect work management tool for your tech stack.

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