Make 1:1 meetings that matter

When you create a 1:1 Project in Asana, you have shared space to collaborate, take action on goals and tasks, and remove roadblocks. Go on. Have more meaningful meetings.

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Asana work management tool

Get organized

From tasks to goals, every detail has its place. So you can keep an eye on priorities, deadlines, and everything coming down the road.

Stay on track

Define each stage of work to see projects at a glance. Pinpoint where things are getting stuck. And let the team focus on tasks at hand.

Hit deadlines

See how work maps out over time. Manage dependent, unscheduled, even overlapping tasks. And create plans teams can count on.

Work better in one shared space

Find all your team’s work—plans, conversations, docs, and more—in one place. So you can collaborate no matter where you are.

Why Work Management? An introduction
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A space for better 1:1s

Stay focused on conversations that are meaningful to your employees and track action items to get great work done, effectively and effortlessly.

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Be happier at work

When everyone’s on the same page, your employees can spend more time doing the work they love.

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Brand ad campaigns in Asana

Manage work on one platform

With 100+ integrations, you can bring together everything your team needs to coordinate work without missing a beat.

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Put your big ideas into play

Spend more time creating buzz for your business with the only platform built to manage all your marketing and creative work.

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