Better leadership starts with sleep: A playbook

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Sleep tight to lead right 

Many of us view sleep separately from the workplace. But in reality work, collaboration, and ultimately, your company, are greatly impacted by you and your employees’ sleep habits. 

Sleep might feel like the last priority in a long list of impactful ways to motivate a workforce, but did you know that your employees are less likely to trust you when you don’t get enough rest? Or that sleep-deprived individuals are more likely to view the actions of others, including their colleagues, as negative? These often subconscious reactions can be major blockers to building a connected organization that can take on and solve complex problems. 

That’s where sleep leadership comes in—prioritizing rest has a positive, cascading effect across organizations and helps everyone show up as their best selves at work.

Based on months of original research, The Work Innovation Lab, in collaboration with Chorus Sleep, a mobile app and coaching program, and leading scientist and performance physiologist Dr. Greg Wells, created a playbook packed with insights to help you develop sleep leadership. Learn:

  • What sleep leadership is (and why it’s a must for these uncertain times)
  • How high-quality sleep helps you be a better leader
  • How sleep impacts collaboration at work 
  • Actionable steps you can take today to create a more well-rested, productive, and efficient workforce

Don’t sleep on sleep.

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