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Product roadmap template

Track and monitor your product initiatives from development through launch with our free product roadmap template.

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On a road trip, roadmaps provide clarity—they make it easy to see where you’re going and if you’re on track to reach your destination. Product roadmap templates do the same thing for your organization’s product feature launches. 

Product roadmap templates let you see your upcoming product feature launches at a high level, helping you align your team, hit milestones, and focus on high-impact work. Plus, they create a repeatable product roadmap process so you can get started on work sooner. Our free product roadmap template provides everything you need to start building your next roadmap.

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What is a product roadmap?

A product roadmap is a high-level overview of your vision for product initiatives, features, and updates your team plans to launch over a set period of time. A good product roadmap prioritizes big-picture details and is time-bound and specific, letting you see what you’re launching and when. Since product roadmaps allow product managers and cross-functional teams to see upcoming product launches at a glance, they’re a great jumping off point for building out more in-depth launch timelines. By clarifying who on your team is responsible for what, product roadmaps also help align your team—ensuring everyone accomplishes their goals and meets their milestones.  

What is a product roadmap template?

A product roadmap template is a reusable resource that outlines the important details in your basic product roadmap process. By duplicating our free product roadmap template, you can standardize the product launch process and set your team up for success. That means every time you need to map out your product roadmap—for example, at the beginning of every quarter or year—you can simply make a copy of the template and fill it out, ensuring you capture all the necessary information.

Our product roadmap template also allows you to document important elements of each launch, such as the timeline for the launch, the priority of the launch, and the scope or effort required. 

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What are the benefits of using our free product roadmap template?

A product roadmap serves as the blueprint for your team’s product feature launches and initiatives. By using our free product roadmap template, you can clarify timelines and streamline cross-functional work. 

Product roadmap templates help your team by enabling you to:

  • Connect your product roadmap vision to the work your team produces. 

  • Get your team and stakeholders on the same page about what’s launching, when. 

  • Organize launches and initiatives by priority, so your team can focus on doing high-impact work.

  • Track goals and milestones to keep your product roadmap on track and on schedule.

  • Easily shift launch deadlines and re-prioritize as needed. 

  • Share your product roadmap with stakeholders to get buy-in early. 

  • Visualize your roadmap in different ways to track progress, including timeline and calendar view.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of the product roadmap process, including status updates and priorities. 

  • Organize your roadmap by themes, so everyone can see how each launch connects to company goals

  • Align cross-functional teams on what work is being created.

How to use our free product roadmap template

Our product roadmap template gives your team visibility into the timelines for upcoming product features and launches. It captures the most important launch information, including:

  • The timeline of the product feature launches, such as which features are launching in Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. 

  • The priority of each feature, such as “low,” “medium,” or “high.”

  • The scope or effort required to produce each feature, for example “small,” “medium,” or “large.”

  • The status of each feature launch, such as “not started,” “in progress,” “shipped,” and “launched.”

  • The company goal each feature maps back to. For example, launching a cleaner navigation menu might map back to the organization’s goal of improving user experience.

Once you’re ready to use our product roadmap template for a specific product roadmap, you can simply duplicate it and fill out each section accordingly.

Integrated features and apps for your Asana product roadmap template

Make your product roadmap template even more effective by using Asana’s integrated features and recommended apps to decrease app switching and facilitate cross-team collaboration. 

Integrated features

  1. Timeline View. Timeline View is a Gantt-style project view that displays all of your tasks in a horizontal bar chart. Not only can you see each task’s start and end date, but you can also see dependencies between tasks. With Timeline View, you can easily track how the pieces of your plan fit together. Plus, when you can see all of your work in one place, it’s easy to identify and address dependency conflicts before they start, so you can hit all of your goals on schedule. 

  2. Goals. Goals in Asana directly connect to the work you’re doing to hit them, making it easy for team members to see what they’re working towards. More often than not, our goals live separate from the work that goes into achieving them. By connecting your team and company goals to the work that supports them, team members have real-time insight and clarity into how their work directly contributes to your team—and company—success. As a result, team members can make better decisions. If necessary, they can identify the projects that support the company’s strategy and prioritize work that delivers measurable results. 

  3. Milestones. Milestones represent important project checkpoints. By setting milestones throughout your project, you can let your team members and project stakeholders know how you’re pacing towards your goal. Use milestones as a chance to celebrate the little wins on the path towards the big project goal. 

  4. Custom fields. Custom fields are the best way to tag, sort, and filter work. Create unique custom fields for any information you need to track—from priority and status to email or phone number. Use custom fields to sort and schedule your to-dos so you know what to work on first. Plus, share custom fields across tasks and projects to ensure consistency across your organization. 

  • GitHub. Automatically sync GitHub pull request status updates to Asana tasks. Track progress on pull requests and improve cross-functional collaboration between technical and non-technical teams, all from within Asana.

  • Jira. Create interactive, connected workflows between technical and business teams to increase visibility around the product development process in real time—all without leaving Asana. Streamline project collaboration and hand offs. Quickly create Jira issues from within Asana so that work passes seamlessly between business and technical teams at the right time. 

  • Figma. Teams use Figma to create user flows, wireframes, UI mocks, prototypes, and more. Now, you can embed these designs in Asana, so your team can reference the latest design work in context with related project documents. And, unlike screenshots, live embeds update in real time to reflect changes made in a design file, eliminating the overhead that comes with finding the right files and updating images.

  • Lucidchart. The Lucidchart + Asana integration seamlessly embeds diagrams, flowcharts, process maps, and wireframes into your Asana project. Important project context lives right where you need it: in Asana. Teams can have easy access to all the right information as they work—without switching between different applications.


What is a product roadmap template?

A product roadmap template is a reusable resource organizations can use to standardize their product roadmap process. Our free digital product roadmap template makes it easy to track product initiatives across timelines—including the priority of each feature launch, the effort the launch requires, and how the launch maps back to the organization’s overall goals. 

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