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Asana Advanced plan

Manage all your work and goals across departments—so every team can deliver their highest-impact work.

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track company goals in asana

Drive clarity & accountability

See big-picture progress to keep goals on track


Adding goals to Asana connects work with its purpose, so everyone can see how milestones, projects, and portfolios ladder up to company objectives. 


Get a holistic view of your most important projects, so you can monitor them in real-time and keep teams updated on progress.

Universal reporting

Create dashboards in just a few clicks to quickly visualize data. Track spending, see status updates, graph revenue across projects, and more.


With formula custom fields, you can do calculations like estimated hours, burn rate, and more directly in Asana.

Maximize impact

Automate the busywork and supercharge productivity

Time tracking

Track time spent on tasks to help inform decisions on forecasting, budgeting, and resourcing for projects.


Streamline your feedback cycles with approvals—a type of task that helps users quickly hear back about their request or asset that needs approval.

Roles in project templates

Create custom, reusable templates to help your team kick off new projects and add roles to automatically assign tasks to the right teammate.


Unlock even more rules to take care of routine tasks. Just assign a trigger that automatically activates one or many actions.

Maximize impact with Asana time tracking features


Standardize work and centrally manage security

Lock custom fields in Asana
Lock custom fields

Get the option to make custom fields editable by all or restrict edit access to just yourself.

Customize your forms in Asana
Customized forms

Unlock powerful form features like branching questions and custom branding. 

Admin Console icon
Admin console

Get usage insights, manage members and teams, and control security all in one place.

Google SSO Icon
Google SSO

Enable Google SSO for increased identity protection and a simpler login experience for your users.

Use Asana AI to generate project status updates

Amplify your impact with Asana AI

AI has joined the team to drive greater clarity, impact, and scale for entire organizations.

Asana AI icon
Smart status

Create more comprehensive status updates that identify risks, open questions, and roadblocks standing in the way of hitting goals.

Asana AI icon
Smart answers

Get timely answers and insights about projects, identify blockers, and determine next steps.

Asana AI icon
Smart editor

Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone with help from auto-generated recommendations.

Asana AI icon
Smart summaries

Get action items and highlights from conversations, tasks, and comments without another meeting.

Asana AI icon
Smart fields

Organize projects with auto-generated custom fields, so every team is on the same page.


All of your work in one place

Asana integrates with hundreds of apps, so your teams can stop switching between them. And with Advanced, you unlock even more powerful integrations like Jira Cloud data sync, ServiceNow, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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What are the benefits of upgrading from Starter to Advanced?

If you’ve begun a trial or recently upgraded to Advanced, there are a few things you should try out right away. First, you’ve now got access to many new features not available in Starter: goals to help manage OKRs, portfolios to gain an overview of your team’s work, workload to manage your team’s capacity, and proofing and approvals to streamline the review process.

Advanced unlocks additional functionalities within some features that Starter users will already be familiar with. Rules benefit from the addition of the custom rule builder for more intricate workflows and automations, while custom fields receive the ability to lock a field’s settings even when used across the organization. Integrations with Jira Cloud Data Sync, ServiceNow and Adobe Creative Cloud bring your team or organization's Asana data to life, and forms with branching logic aid the intake and triage of requests in powerful new ways.

Need even more features? Try Enterprise.

The plan for companies that need to coordinate and automate complex work across departments—without limits.

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  • Unlimited rules
  • View-only licenses
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • SAML
  • Universal workload
  • Guest invite controls
  • Workflow bundles
  • Service accounts

Transform the way you work with Advanced

Unlock the features you need to power all your teams’ best work.

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