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Capture your team’s plans and transition to remote work while keeping your team connected with this free business continuity plan template.

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[Product UI] Business continuity plan

Tips to help your team establish a remote work business continuity plan with our template

A business continuity plan helps your team stay connected and in sync in the case of an unexpected business change, like a transition to remote work. Creating a template in Asana helps you craft a plan to keep your team aligned. The tasks in it will provide clarity into company communication policies, coverage plans, business expectations, and more. Every company’s business continuity plan will be different, but a template gets you started to provide clear guidance for your team.

  • Clarify guidelines. Keep your team on track, connected, and aligned on expectations during unexpected times. Update them on any shifting priorities or new initiatives as your business adapts to the new change.

  • Keep important details in one place. Create a one-stop-shop of all of the documents, guidelines, and FAQs your team needs to succeed during the business change by tracking them in tasks and conversations.

  • Provide updated resources. Maintain connection and bolster team culture, even if you’re working remotely. Use status updates to share progress and check in with your team.

  • Stay connected while working remotely. Support and connect with your team during the business change. Creat and use this template to create a source of truth and clarity that everyone can access.

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