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Get full visibility

See all content in one calendar, including launch dates, channels, and more.

Publish faster

Automate processes so teams have more time to create.

Stay on brand

Connect content tools to centralize reviews and make sure assets are consistent.

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  • View all upcoming and published content in one interactive calendar. 

  • Use AI to automatically label and sort content, so you don’t have to. 

  • Build custom dashboards to quickly see what pieces are launching by channel, audience, and more.

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Automate each step

  • Create custom rules to instantly assign, hand off, and follow up on content pieces. 

  • Automatically assign tasks so stakeholders can approve, reject, or request edits with a single click.

  • Build task templates to outline every step in content production, from planning to publish.

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Centralize content planning

  • Make content easy to find and review with our Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integrations. 

  • Track the same piece of content in multiple projects, so there’s only one record.

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Find content faster

Hundreds of app integrations let you organize content in one place, no matter what tools teams use.

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Content calendar templates

Don’t start from scratch. Start planning faster with pre-built templates from content experts.

Content calendar Asana illustration

AppLovin content calendar template

See how AppLovin uses Asana to track content type, work status, and primary channel for everything they publish.

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Editorial calendar Asana product UI

Editorial calendar template

Track content progress, platform, type, and approval status all in one place.

Social media calendar Asana product UI

Social media calendar template

Create a content calendar to schedule, track, and manage social media posts.

Content calendar, Asana abtracted product UI
By managing our content calendar in Asana, we can see everything that’s going out in a given month, what channel it’s for, and where it is in development. Task templates for each content type ensures we don’t miss any critical steps in each deliverable’s process. Asana gives us the ability to work at the speed and efficiency that defines the AppLovin culture.
Lewis LeongMarketing Project Manager, AppLovin
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Use AppLovin’s template

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Yes, you can. Learn about pricing, or try Asana Advanced for free for 30 days, no credit card required.

Content calendars involve many stakeholders and moving pieces, from deadlines to creative assets. Asana gives you a central hub to manage all aspects of content creation, so you can plan your calendar and track content production in one place. To get started, check out our editorial calendar template.

The right content calendar tool can help teams stay organized and produce more engaging content. Look for software that allows you to centralize content tracking and production in one place, so you can see the full picture without searching through different documents. A good content calendar tool increases team and cross-team visibility so everyone understands what they’re responsible for. 

The best way to know if a content calendar tool is right for you is to try it. That’s why anyone can try Asana for free for 30 days. Try Asana today.

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