Organize tasks and tackle work together in a shared hub.

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Projects in Asana
Organize your way icon

Organize your way

Customize project sections and switch between layouts: gantt, list, calendar, board, or timeline.

Move faster icon

Move faster

Kick off instantly with project templates, and add automations to reduce manual work.

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Keep work on track

Use automatic reporting to see how your project is performing in real-time.

Build your project

Create a shared hub for collaborative work with these features.

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Make it yours icon

Make it yours

  • Choose a color: Customize your project icon to set it apart from other work. 

  • Create sections: Organize tasks however you want with custom sections. 

  • Save your layout: Create a template from any project to save your best practices for the future.

  • See projects your way: Surface the most relevant information for your team by creating multiple custom views within a project.

Work together icon

Work together

  • Build your project overview: Assign roles, create a project brief, and add resources so everyone is on the same page. 

  • Manage communications: Choose which project members get notified when you add tasks, publish status updates, or send messages.

  • Collaborate with external partners: Share read-only links so people outside Asana can view your project securely.

Still have questions? We have answers.

Should I make a project, task or subtask?

It depends on the scope of work, and who’s involved. Let’s break it down: 

  • Create a project for large coordinated efforts with lots of steps and stakeholders, like a marketing campaign. 

  • Create a task to capture a single to-do for one person, like writing a blog.

  • Create a subtask to break a task into smaller pieces or divide the work among multiple people. For example, break a blog request into subtasks for drafting, review, and publishing.

Can you import and export projects in Asana?

Yes, you can do both. Get started with a few clicks by using a CSV file to import tasks to your Asana project. Then, export your project as a JSON or CSV file.

How can I keep my projects organized?

Create custom sections to divide and organize the tasks in your project. For example, you can bucket tasks according to different workflow stages, priorities, or topics. 

You can also organize projects with custom fields, color-coded labels that help you differentiate tasks at-a-glance.

One project, across teams

Work together in one hub, no matter which team you’re on.

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