Get new hires up to speed faster

Keep your team’s priorities on track with streamlined employee onboarding and shorter ramp-up periods.

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Centralize onboarding resources

Share training materials in one hub so new hires stay on track. 

Drive engagement and accountability

Show new team members why their work matters with clear goals. 

Help teams improve over time

Create shared spaces for 1:1s and development conversations.

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Simplify your process

  • Share resources and action items in one place with structured onboarding projects and portfolios. 

  • Provide a clear action plan with concrete tasks for the first week, month, and more. 

  • Streamline user setup with our Okta and Azure Active Directory integrations.

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Be clear from the start

  • Keep new team members accountable by connecting their work to individual, team, and company goals. 

  • Let AI automatically suggest the best goals, projects, and teams for new hires to join.

  • Use Asana’s help center and AI-powered support bot to answer product questions quickly.

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Keep communication going

  • Help new team members and managers connect with dedicated projects for 1:1 meetings.

  • Keep everyone accountable by assigning action items from conversations. 

  • Share feedback in real time with tasks, animated emojis, and video messaging.

TemplatesЗависимые элементы

Make logins painless

Onboarding is complicated enough. Help new team members access the tools they need quickly and easily.

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Employee onboarding templates

Get new team members up to speed faster with pre-made templates from onboarding experts.

Product UI image in Asana of employee onboarding template

Employee onboarding template

Get an inside look at how we structure onboarding at Asana.

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Product UI in Asana for 1:1 meeting template

1:1 meeting template

Keep track of agenda items, meeting notes, and next steps in one place.

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Asana is perfect for onboarding, and it helps our team effectively replicate our work.
–Aleksandra SulimkoChief Human Resources Officer, TheSoul Publishing
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Still have questions? We have answers.

Yes, you can. Learn about pricing, or try Asana Advanced for free for 30 days, no credit card required. 

Employee onboarding is complex, with many stakeholders and moving pieces. Asana gives you (and your new hire) a central hub to manage trainings, 1:1 meetings, project documentation, and more—without disconnected docs and email threads. To learn more, check out our article about building an effective employee onboarding process.

The right employee onboarding tool can help new team members succeed from day one. Look for software that allows you to communicate, plan, track, and report on work in one place. This helps new team members see the full picture of work, so they can get up to speed quickly with clear goals and action items. 

The best way to know if an employee onboarding tool is right for you is to try it. That’s why anyone can try Asana for free for 30 days. Try Asana today.

Turn first days into first wins

Set every new employee up for success. Transform your onboarding process into a well-oiled machine with Asana.

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