Learn about Asana Premium features

Tracking your work in Asana gives you more clarity and accountability so you can get great results. And to get the best results, you need the power of Asana Premium (we know we couldn’t run Asana without it!)

For larger teams, entire organizations, or those looking for even more powerful Asana features, check out our Enterprise offering.

Asana Premium features*

With Asana Premium you’ll get:

  • More members—Purchase a plan for your whole team, department, or company. You’ll also get unlimited guests, so vendors, contractors, and other contributors can work with you too.
  • Privacy settings—Have the option to make projects and teams private or public, to protect sensitive work, or make it public to your entire organization.
  • Reporting—Add unlimited projects to your Dashboards for a high level view of progress and generate Dashboard reports in Google Sheets. With Advanced Search, you can find information in Asana based on specific criteria, and save reports to your sidebar for easy access.
  • Custom fields—Custom fields enable you to add more data to tasks in Asana projects. Field names and values are customizable, so you can create a field for stage, priority, cost, or whatever else is important to your workflow, team, and company. With custom fields you can track anything.
  • Admin controls—Designate an administrator to manage users and teams and configure Google SSO for their organization.
  • Task dependencies—Mark a task as waiting on another to help keep complex projects on track and ensure the right work is getting done at the right time.
  • Asana-created templates—Use our pre-made templates to quickly add new workflows to Asana, based on our best practices. You can further customize the templates to match your workflow as needed.
  • Customer Success resources—Get onboarding resources, recorded trainings, access to our customer community, and learning materials from our Customer Success team to make sure your team is successful using Asana.†
  • Priority support—When you have a question for our team, or need troubleshooting tips, you can skip the line and get the help you need.

*Note that all Asana Premium features are also included for Asana Enterprise Organizations.

†Available only to Premium Organizations (not Premium teams).

What are the benefits of Asana Premium?

Reporting and insights

Asana Premium makes it easier it is to find out how projects are going and what might need attention. With Dashboards, you can use Google Sheets to visualize bandwidth, project progress, planning efforts, and more. Using Advanced Search, you can save custom reports that help you keep an eye on work that’s important to you.

Track work your way

Custom fields

Custom fields give teams the power to track anything in Asana—not just tasks and projects. With custom fields, teams can track values like priority level, order quantity, account status and more. You can use the same custom fields across all of your Asana projects for even more granular reporting—and best of all, you can ditch the spreadsheets.


Use dependencies to know when to start work. For example, if you’re planning an event, you can’t decide on a venue and catering until the budget is finalized. Just mark the venue task as waiting on the budget finalization task. You’ll get notified when the first task is complete.

Asana-created templates

Use our templates to easily create projects for common workflows for any team. Once created, you can further customize the project to match your needs exactly.

Everyone’s on the same page

More members

With everybody in Asana, teams know what everyone is doing, when they need to do it by, and where work stands. The more of your team that uses Asana, the more connected your work is—and the less time you spend sitting in update meetings, searching through emails, or wondering how your work contributes to a goal.

Balance transparency and privacy

Private projects and teams

Overall, Asana is about making work transparent so there’s accountability and clarity. You can make work public to your entire organization so it’s easy for everybody to discover. But for more sensitive work, Premium customers can adjust privacy settings to make sure that teams and projects are only accessible to those that need it. This is ideal for sensitive legal or financial information, performance reviews, or one-on-one meetings.

Keep data safe

The more information you put in Asana, the more you also need to be sure that the information is secure and your IT team has control over the data. As teammates come and go, you can control their access, or if there’s a security breach, the admin can force a password reset to keep your information in Asana safe.

Get the most out of Asana

Customer Success Program

As you get your team on board, our Customer Success team will provide you with trainings, webinars, and extra educational resources so you don’t always have to be the expert. You will also be able to join our customer community to discuss with and learn from other Asana customers.

Priority support

The more you rely on Asana for your work, the more you need to make sure it works for you. If you have a question or need troubleshooting, our helpful team will move it to the top of the list so you can get back to work ASAP.

Is my team ready?

Every organization is different, and the benefits of Asana Premium can be harnessed by teams small and large, whether they’re just starting or have used Asana for a while. Here are a few key indicators:

  • If you are on a team of more than 15 people
  • If you have work that needs to be reported on
  • If you have complex or detailed workflows
  • If you work with lots of different teams across your organization
  • If you work at a large company‡
  • If you’re putting sensitive information into Asana‡
  • If you need help onboarding your team to Asana‡

‡Larger teams, entire organizations, or those looking for even more powerful Asana features and support options should consider our Enterprise offering.

How to upgrade

If you’re already using Asana, just click the yellow upgrade button in the top right corner. You can also check out our pricing page and upgrade from there.

If you’re the one that upgrades, you’ll automatically become the admin for your team or organization, but you can always make someone else the admin later.

Still have questions before you upgrade? Contact our sales team. We’re ready to answer any questions you have to make sure that Premium is right for you!

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