Learn about Asana Premium features

Tracking your work in Asana gives you more clarity and accountability so you can get great results. And to get the best results, you need the power of Asana Premium (we know we couldn’t run Asana without it!)

For larger teams, entire organizations, or those looking for even more powerful Asana features, check out our Business and Enterprise offerings.

Asana Premium features*

With Asana Premium you’ll get all of the following features in addition to what's already included in Asana Basic.

Project management made easy

  • Forms—Capture the right details every time for any project brief or request. Forms are directly connected to projects, so once submitted, you can track them all in one place.
  • Custom fields—Create drop-down, number, or text custom fields in projects and Portfolios to capture information uniformly, track the status, and to sort and filter information (like spreadsheet columns.) You can also get notifications when custom fields are changed.
  • Task dependencies—Mark a task as waiting on another to help keep complex projects on track and ensure the right work is getting done at the right time.
  • Start dates—Start dates show when you should begin your work to hit your deadlines without the last-minute scramble.
  • Timeline—A Gantt-style view of how each piece of your project fits together that helps you start projects on the right foot and hit your deadlines.
  • Asana-created templates—Use our pre-made templates to quickly add new workflows to Asana, based on our best practices. You can further customize the templates to match your workflow as needed.
  • Custom templates—Standardize common workflows by creating custom project templates that anyone can use.

Reporting and progress insights

  • Milestones—Make project goals clear and keep your team motivated by setting task milestones as key markers of progress.
  • Status updates—Craft a status update in seconds to share with relevant stakeholders. You can also save update templates and utilize graphs from Dashboard to populate updates.
  • Dashboard—Provides custom real-time charts to help you understand where work may be blocked or off-track, with the ability to export charts to PNG.*
  • Saved advanced searches—Save searches based on specific criteria to help you find work again, or make assessments based on your search criteria.

Balance privacy and transparency

  • Privacy settings—Have the option to make projects and teams private or public, to protect sensitive work, or make it public to your entire organization.
  • Admin controls—Designate an administrator to manage users and teams and configure Google SSO for their organization.†
  • Comment-only projects—Prevent accidental changes to your projects or templates and allow certain project members to make only task comments, while still giving them access to information in the project.

Get the most out of Asana

  • More members—Purchase a plan for your whole team, department, or company. You can also invite guests so vendors, contractors, and other contributors can work with you too.
  • Priority support—When you have a question for our team, or need troubleshooting tips, you can skip the line and get the help you need.
  • Customer Success resources—Get onboarding resources, recorded trainings, access to our customer community, and learning materials from our Customer Success team to make sure your team is successful using Asana.†

*All Asana Premium features are also included for Asana Business and Enterprise Organizations.

†Available only to Premium, Business and Enterprise organizations and divisions. Not available with a team subscription.

Is my team ready?

Every organization is different, and the benefits of Asana Premium can be harnessed by teams small and large, whether they’re just starting or have used Asana for a while. Here are a few key indicators:

  • If you are on a team of more than 15 people
  • If you are a project manager (or manage projects as part of your job)
  • If you have work that needs to be reported on
  • If you regularly repeat projects or processes (templatizing work)
  • If you have complex or detailed workflows
  • If you work with lots of different teams across your organization
  • If you work at a large company‡/sales
  • If you’re putting sensitive information into Asana‡
  • If you need help onboarding your team to Asana‡

‡Larger teams, entire organizations, or those looking for even more powerful Asana features and support options should consider our Enterprise offering.

How to upgrade

If you’re already using Asana, just click the yellow upgrade button in the top right corner. You can also check out our pricing page and upgrade from there.

If you’re the one that upgrades, you’ll automatically become the admin for your team or organization, but you can always make someone else the admin later.

Still have questions before you upgrade? You can start a free Premium trial or contact our sales team. We’re ready to answer any questions you have to make sure that Premium is right for you!

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