Strategic planning

Design custom strategic planning templates to support your most important initiatives. Templatize workflows and processes that help you accomplish revenue-driving objectives.

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We can all agree on company strategy in a slide, but activating that at an operational level is hard to do. Now that our plans are connected in Asana and cascade into a collective view, we can execute on a global cross-functional strategy at the scale we need to.”
Rob GoodwinExecutive General Manager, Customer Operations, Xero

Scale cross-functional collaboration

Bringing company strategy to life requires more than a fancy outline. Build your process with the Asana platform to create a connected, dynamic workflow designed to support strategy.

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Integrations built for strategy

Strategic planning requires coordination and efficiency—two things that are hard to get when you’re switching between tools. With Asana’s 200+ app integrations, you can simplify how you work, plan, and communicate, all in one space.

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Strategic planning, simplified

Your strategy can be complex and varied—but your planning should be simple to execute. See how you can simplify every aspect of your strategic planning, from ideation to launch.

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Strategic planning templates

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GTM strategy template banner image

Go-to-market strategy template

Simplify your GTM strategy with a go-to-market strategy template that aligns teams and keeps work on track. Learn how in Asana.

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Strategic planning template article banner image

Strategic planning template

When you’re launching a new product, team, or even a new business, strategic planning templates keep you laser-focused and on task.

Objectives and key results (OKR) template card image

Objectives and key results (OKR) template

Learn how to create an OKR template in Asana so you can standardize the goal-setting process for everyone.

Contingency plan template banner image

Contingency plan

Using a contingency plan template will help you create well-developed strategies to help you protect your business from potential risk. Learn how Asana can help.

Marketing strategy template card image

Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy template is a useful tool that helps your marketing team achieve their goals. Learn how to create your marketing strategy with Asana.

Nonprofit business plan template banner image

Nonprofit business plan template

Success doesn’t just happen—it’s planned. Stay focused on your most crucial work with a custom nonprofit business plan template.

Competitive analysis template banner image

Competitive analysis template

The more you know about your competitors, the better your strategy will be. Competitive analysis templates use a data-driven approach to see exactly how your business, products, and features compare to your competition.

Program roadmap template banner image

Program roadmap

Create a program roadmap template and know the exact structure of each program, how they operate, and their future plans—company-wide.

Operational plan template banner image

Operational plan template

Learn how Asana’s operations team uses standardized processes to streamline strategic planning—no matter how many stakeholders are involved.

PEST analysis template banner image

PEST analysis

A PEST analysis template helps compile info on the external environment affecting your business. Learn how to prevent risk with a PEST analysis template.

Cost benefit analysis template card image

Cost benefit analysis template

Digital cost benefit analysis templates are a useful framework to see if a new project or idea is viable. Learn how to create your own in a few simple steps, with Asana.

Requirements traceability matrix template banner image

Requirements traceability matrix

A requirements traceability matrix template is a tool to help organize project requirements in a concise manner. Learn how to create one for your team.