How Asana creates organizational alignment with goals

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How Asana creates organizational alignment with goals with Lotte Vester & Paige Costello

Asana’s recent Goals Report revealed that only 26% of knowledge workers have a clear understanding of how their individual work contributes toward company goals. Without clarity, how do you ensure your teams stay aligned with mission and strategy?

Watch this webinar to hear how organizations can create clarity through strategic planning, goal setting, and work management platforms. Lotte Vester, Head of Organizational Strategy at Asana, and Paige Costello, Product Pillar Lead at Asana, will share learnings and best practices for organizational alignment—including exclusive insights on Asana’s vision for work management and Goals. They'll cover:

  • The impact of global trends on organizational strategy
  • Common challenges to achieving organizational alignment and best practices for creating clarity through goal setting
  • Asana’s vision for the future of work and goal management