How Asana uses Asana to run successful marketing campaigns

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How Asana Uses Asana To Run Successful Marketing Campaigns

Tapping into the full potential of your marketing team can be difficult when everyone is caught up in the basics of campaign management.

There’s less time for strategy when there are different teams to juggle, changing timelines to manage and streams of data to wrangle and report on.

Hear how Jessica Gilmartin, Global Head of Revenue Marketing, and Amulya Uppala, Strategic Projects Lead, overcome these issues using Asana. You'll learn:

  • How we use Asana to run successful marketing campaigns from idea to launch
  • Tips for kicking off impactful marketing campaigns in Asana
  • Exact strategies for maximizing campaign speed and effectiveness

Even better, you'll learn how leaders like you can use the transparency Asana provides to drive real business growth.