Anatomy of Work Special Report: What Gen Z needs from leaders right now

As more members of Gen Z enter the working world, is your organization prepared to set them up for success? Download this free ebook to find out.

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Gen Z is the latest generation to enter the workforce. Born between 1997 and 2012, this young cohort learned how to become working professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, in a completely different environment than anyone could have imagined. 

What’s in this ebook? 

Explore what Gen Z—and other generations—need to be successful at work. 

What we can learn from Gen Z 

Gen Z have strong feelings about hybrid work, mental health, and what efficiency looks like.  Interestingly, these sentiments aren’t unique to Gen Z—they share many overlaps with Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. That means listening to Gen Z and exploring their needs could benefit everyone.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Gen Z came of age during the pandemic, which means much of this generation has spent more time working remotely than in an office. As a result, they’re more impacted by imposter syndrome and tend to prefer hybrid work more than other generations. 

Modernizing the workplace

When searching for an employer, Gen Z takes a hard look at what tools a company uses and how they use them. They push back against established norms, hoping companies will update legacy systems in favor of modern technology and efficient processes. 

Well-being matters

Just like their pushback on certain processes and technology, Gen Z has a lot to teach organizations about mental health—but companies have to be willing to listen. They believe access to mental health resources is the biggest thing that would help alleviate the impacts of imposter syndrome, which they experience in disproportionately high numbers. 

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