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Scale: Join our virtual enterprise summit on October 20th

October 4th, 2021
1 min read
Scale: Join our virtual enterprise summit on October 20th article banner image

In the past year, enterprise organizations have seen first-hand the impact of hybrid work on their team’s ability to hit shared goals. According to internal research, enterprise employees switch between apps and tools 55% of the time causing work to get lost, causing tasks to be missed, and causing a failure to meet milestones. Teams are constantly feeling like they’re one step behind, making it harder than ever to think ahead, innovate, and scale.

If we’ve learned nothing else in the past year, it’s that change is constant and today’s tools can’t adapt fast enough to keep up with business demands. Organizations need to adopt a new formula for bringing greater clarity to their teams, aligning cross-functional partners, and ultimately getting further, faster.

Join us at Scale, our virtual enterprise summit on Wednesday, October 20th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Enterprise leaders will be sharing their insights on how even the most complex organizations can have the clarity, flexibility, and confidence needed to adapt to any business challenge—all with more security. You’ll also see our tool through the eyes of leading brands who are driving their most important initiatives in Asana and redefining enterprise collaboration.

Scale will take a deep dive into all these things and more. Hear from:

  • Dustin Moskovitz, Asana Co-Founder and CEO on why adaptability is the key to enterprises’ success

  • Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management on the secrets to building a fearless organization and creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement

  • Alvina Antar, Okta CIO on the unique challenges and changing roles of IT leaders

  • Tony Ward, Xero President of the Americas on how Asana enables his organization to empower small businesses more than ever

  • Dana Barrett, Asana Head of Product Marketing on how better visibility can improve cross-team collaboration

  • Johan Dowdy, Asana Global Head of IT and IT Security on what enterprise security and scalability looks like for large organizations

See you there

Reserve your spot today for a front-row seat—all without leaving your desk.

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