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Add Google Drive attachments to any task

June 18th, 2013
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At Asana, we’re constantly focused on ways to help you work more effectively with your team. Sharing documents and files is a major part of collaboration, so today we are adding another simple way to keep files and tasks together: Google Drive integration.

How to use the Google Drive integration in Asana

To attach a Google Drive file to a task, simply:

  1. click on the attachment button

  2. choose “Upload from Google Drive”

  3. select which file you want to attach

The file name will appear in the list of attachments as well as in the activity feed of the tasks.

If you are following a task that gets a Google Drive attachment, you’ll be notified about the attachment via Inbox and email notifications. Clicking on the link takes you to the up-to-date version of the file in Google Apps.

Just like with other attachments in Asana, you can easily see who attached a file and when the file was attached, search for Google Drive attachments, and even ♥ the attachments to show support.

Integration with Google Drive has been one of the most requested integration features from our users. By bringing your data and communications into one place, we hope to make you even more effective when collaborating with your teammates.

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