Inbox is your notification center for Asana. Your Inbox displays updates on all projectsprojectsProjects are lists of tasks.Read more you're a member of and taskstasksTasks are the basic unit of work in Asana. Tasks can represent any kind of work, break down work into smaller pieces, or store information.Read more that you collaboratecollaborateRead more on or are assignedassignedThe person responsible for the task or subtask. Asana allows one assignee per task or subtask.Read more within a given Workspace or Organization.

If you visit Asana regularly and don’t want to receive email notifications, you can turn them off and check the updates in tasks and projects using Inbox.

access my inbox

To access Inbox:

Click Inbox from the sidebar. The notifications for your Organization or Workspace will appear in the main pane. The most recent will be in view first. Inbox activity will appear on the task details pane when you click into your notification.

Main pane actions:

When you click on your notification from the main pane, you have the option to: Create a follow-up task, Mark as unread and/or Archive notification by hovering over the symbols that correspond to the action.

You can compress inbox threads or expand for greater scanability.

left pane


If you want to read an inbox message later, you can mark it as unread. You can also mark messages as read without opening them.


Click here to go straight to your Asana Inbox.  

new notification orange dot

New Notifications:

An orange dot will appear next to Inbox in the top bar when there are unread notifications.

New notifications in your Inbox will have a blue dot next to them. If there's new activity in a task within a project you will see a bubble.

chrome tab

You'll also notice a black dot next to the Asana logo in your browser's tab.

New notifications

Blue dot denotes new notifications.

Notifications with new comments or attachments will have a bubble showing the number of new comments or attachments.

New comments

Blue bubble denotes new unread activity.

Working in Inbox

There are two tabs in Inbox: Activity and Archive.

Activity Tab

You'll see an Inbox notification when:

  • A task is assignedassignedThe person responsible for the task or subtask. Asana allows one assignee per task or subtask.Read more to you
  • A task is unassigned from you
  • A task assigned to you is approaching its due date
  • A task assigned to you has passed its due date
  • A task assigned to you has its due datedue dateThe date that a task or subtask is due.Read more changed
  • A task you are collaborating on has new attachmentsattachmentsA file that is attached to a task or conversation.Read more uploaded to it
  • A task you are collaborating on has new commentscommentsComment on a task or conversation to offer help, answer questions, and help move work forward.Read more posted to it
  • A task you are collaborating on is marked completecompleteTo mark a task with a checkmark to indicate that it is done.Read more
  • A task you created or are assigned to receives a Like
  • A task you are collaborating on is merged with another task
  • You have been added as a collaborator to a task
  • Your commentcommentComment on a task or conversation to offer help, answer questions, and help move work forward.Read more receives a Like
  • Your attachmentattachmentA file that is attached to a task or conversation.Read more receives a Like
  • Your task completion receives a Like
  • You are @mentioned in the task description
  • A Message is created in a team that you are a member of
  • A comment is posted on a team or project Message you are a collaboarator on
  • A project you are a member of has new tasks added to it
  • A Message is started in a project you are a member of
  • The statusstatusA way to update project members on the progress of a project. Status includes a color (red, yellow, green) and short summary.Read more of a project you're a member of has been updated
  • The status of a task you've been waiting on has been changed

Inbox will only display notifications for actions and changes performed by others. You will not see Inbox stories about actions that you perform yourself.

After you've read or taken action on a notification in the Inbox tab, you can archive it.

archive inbox stories

Archive Inbox notifications:

Hover over the Inbox notification symbol and click Archive notification. Once a notification has been archived, it will be sent to the Archive tab.

If you want to clear your Inbox, you can archive all of your stories at once. The archived Inbox will clear itself after 4 weeks.

archive all inbox stories

Archive all Inbox notifications:

  1. Click on the three dot icon on the top bar
  2. Click Archive all

You can also navigate to the bottom of your inbox and click Archive all Messages

Archive Tab

This tab is where you can find any Inbox stories that you've archived in the past.

If there are any older stories you want to preserve you can send them back to the activity tab.

archive tab

Send archived notification back to Inbox:

Hover over the Inbox notification and click Move to Inbox. The notification will then reappear in the activity tab.

Archiving notifications from your Inbox

You can archive all notifications you read and keep your inbox clean for the new notifications you will receive.

What happens to archived notifications?:

If you archive a critical notification from your inbox within 30 sec, you won’t receive an email notification. For any other notification, you won’t receive an email notification if you archive them within 60 min.

Batch notifications:

If you’re receiving multiple notifications within an hour of each other, Asana will batch them for you and send in one single email.

Critical notifications like task assignments and tasks comments will always be sent individually, but updates around new tasks created or completed will be batched.

Task comments and task assignments are never batched.

The 30 second threshold for receiving email notifications only applies for critical notifications. For less important notifications, the wait period is 60 minutes.

Task details pane in Inbox

You can take action on tasks from either tab of your Inbox.

right pane from inbox

The task details pane is always open so it is easy to see at a glance what has changed and the action required.

If you want to see the task in the context of a project it belongs to, click the project name and the project will load in the main panemain paneWhen you select a project, tag, or person, you will see the relevant list of tasks in the main pane. Read more.


You can view your Inbox in an expanded view or a condensed view. To see more preview content in the main pane, click the “Expand” button. To see less preview content in the main pane, deselect the Expand button.



Using your Inbox toolbar, you can filter the type of notifications you receive.


You can filter notifications by:

  1. Expand
  2. All
  3. Assigned to me
  4. @Mentioned
  5. Assigned by me

Access your Notification settings

You can easily access your notification settings from your Inbox by clicking the three dot icon and then Manage notifications.

email notifications

From the Notifications tab in My Settings you can access Email, Browser and Project notifications. You can input your preferred email for email notifications on activity updates and summaries with an option to turn on,off, or pause notifications.

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