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New: Resolve service tickets faster and more accurately with Asana for Zendesk

April 16th, 2021
2 min read
New: Resolve service tickets faster and more accurately with Asana for Zendesk

It’s no secret that effortless customer service takes, well, a lot of effort. To turn an IT request into a quick and effective response, key details need to be shared between the agent and the IT team member responsible for resolving the ticket—often across multiple tools. 

Let’s say your engineering or development teams use a work management tool and your customer service teams use a CRM like Zendesk. To resolve the IT request, a customer success agent has to constantly update information in both tools and ferry questions between the IT team and the customer. When tools can’t speak to one another, employees need to manually update context, details, and information in multiple places. The solution? Better integration between business tools can help increase cross-functional visibility and facilitate operational efficiency.

With the new Asana for Zendesk integration, you can now streamline and automate work between the two tools. By connecting Zendesk Support™ tickets to Asana tasks, you can eliminate duplicate work, respond to tickets more accurately and, ultimately, increase customer satisfaction. 

Asana and Zendesk are better together

With the Asana for Zendesk integration, your teams are empowered to respond to tickets faster and more accurately. Now, team members can use the tools that are purpose-built for their job without losing visibility into the broader team’s work. Enable and automate cross-functional collaboration—instead of filling out endless fields or manually duplicating work from one tool to another and back. 

From Zendesk, agents can easily access Asana tasks through the Asana side-pane. There, agents can assign a task, add a due date, select a project, and add a task description—without leaving Zendesk. 

Zendesk integration

💡Tip: You can also add an attachment to an Asana task directly from Zendesk.

Information from the Zendesk ticket will automatically appear in Asana, where cross-functional teams can escalate and respond to the task as needed. Within the Asana task, team members can see a widget with specific Zendesk information—including who the ticket owner is, what the ticket status is, and when the ticket was last updated in Asana.

Zendesk integration Asana

💡Tip: When the task assignee, due date, or completion status is changed in Asana, that information is automatically updated in Zendesk, so you can resolve customer tickets quickly without missing a beat.

You can also automate parts of this process by using Rules with Zendesk. Create a Rule in Asana to automatically add a comment to a Zendesk ticket when the ticket is updated. By combining Rules and Zendesk, you can ensure that everyone working in Zendesk gets real-time updates from Asana.

New ticket: Enable the Asana for Zendesk integration

The Asana for Zendesk integration allows agents to respond to more tickets, more accurately. By connecting Asana and Zendesk, you can empower your team and better serve your customers. 

This integration is available to customers of both Asana and Zendesk. To use it, you have to enable the integration in each tool: 

  • Find the Asana integration in the Zendesk Marketplace. Follow on-screen instructions to sign in. Then, you’ll automatically be able to link Asana tasks to Zendesk tickets.

  • Enable Zendesk in Asana at the project level. Click Customize in the top right corner, select +Add app, then follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to Zendesk. 

For more information and step-by-step instructions, read our guide.

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