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Asana is the Best Workplace in the Bay Area: Here’s why

April 3rd, 2019
3 min read
Asana is the Best Workplace in the Bay Area: Here’s why article banner image

Last month, we were honored to be named the #1 Best Workplace in the Bay Area for small and medium companies for the second year in a row by Great Place to Work and Fortune. This award means a lot to us because it evaluates organizations through unfiltered feedback on topics like trust, achieving potential, innovation, and leadership, from 30,000 employees across the Bay Area via anonymous surveys.

Home to Asana’s headquarters, San Francisco is where our co-founders first realized their idea to build a platform—as well as a way of working—that enables teams to work together effortlessly, and ultimately, be more productive. Needless to say, San Francisco holds a special place in our heart, and with more than 300 Asanas (and counting) calling our San Francisco office home, it’s a key area of investment as we scale the business globally.

We asked Asanas on different teams based in San Francisco about what they like most about working at our headquarters  Here’s what they had to say.

1. Inclusive and supportive teammates

“I love to say I that I work out of Asana’s HQ. There is so much excitement, growth, and change happening right here, and I love being right in the center of it all. Every team and function is represented in San Francisco today, and we hire such kind, thoughtful, and brilliant people on each one. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work, learn, and interact with my fellow Asanas through our direct work, during delicious meals in Cafe Luna and Cafe Sol, weekly 1:1s, and random run-ins throughout the office.”

– Neel Sharma, Business Technology, 2 years at Asana

“My favorite thing about working in the SF office is the vibe of the space and the people! I learn so much every day from being around so many brilliant and unique people from all over the world, with different personalities, ideas, opinions, perspectives, and interests. It’s been so rewarding for me to be one of the leads of Asana Women, one of our three employee resource groups. Our ERGs are super involved in planning and driving big initiatives, but I love that everyone in the office has a hand in creating a culture of inclusion.”

– Nikita Iles, Sales Enablement Coordinator & Asana Women ERG Lead, 1 year at Asana

2. Healthy and fun office environment

Dogs of asana

“There are so many things I love about our San Francisco office, both the location we’re in and how we’ve made the space our own. I love our culinary program which brings together Asanas from all different backgrounds to unite on something common—our love for delicious, healthy food. Our common spaces have big couches and whiteboards, which make it easy for teams to collaborate and brainstorm together. I also love that being in San Francisco, people at Asana like to take advantage of being outside together. I’ve been a part of Bernal Heights urban hikes, bike rides across the Golden Gate Bridge, and team outings to Dolores Park.”

– Lili Rachowin, Product Management Lead, 3 years at Asana

“My favorite thing about working in our San Francisco office is how pet-friendly it is! I always look forward to No Meeting Wednesdays because inevitably, it’s the one day a week that most people bring their dogs into the office, and I love seeing so many friendly dogs in the building.”

– Cesar Jesena, User Operations Analyst, 1 year at Asana

3. Mission-driven work

“One of the many things that I love about Asana is how the culture really connects you to the mission of the company. I genuinely feel that my work is helping the company innovate and move toward our mission of helping humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.”

– Brett Parker, Facilities & Workplace Operations Project Manager, 3 years at Asana

“I really appreciate the opportunity to work with Asanas across all functions and teams. The people here are some of the most passionate, caring, and genuine people I’ve ever worked with, coming together to create a better product and company.”

– Kartik Bandhuvula, Product Manager, 1 year at Asana

4. Effortless collaboration

“My favorite thing about working in the San Francisco office is, by far, the people and the cross-team collaborations that happen effortlessly. It’s so easy for me to drop by someone on the Sales or Marketing teams’ desks to ask them a quick question, or for me to sit in on a user research session. It really allows me to get another perspective on the Asana product, which helps me do my job better.”

– Theresa Lee, Software Engineer, Product, 3 years at Asana

“When I’m pulled into meetings or passing conversations in the halls, inevitably I’m walking into a fascinating conversation about how we’re addressing a growing pain or thinking about tackling our customers’ challenges. I’m constantly surprised by the quality of people and how thoughtfully they approach their work.”

– Daniil Karp, Enterprise Product Marketing Manager, 1 year at Asana

5. Fuel to do your best work

Asana snacks

“I love that Asana believes in nutrition as a whole. Through food and nutrition, we are helping the company achieve its mission. I always feel that the better we do on the Culinary Team to keep this standard up, the more energized and positive we are as a company. Hangry does not exist within these walls.”

– Wade Yoder, Executive Sous Chef. 5 years at Asana

Come work with us in San Francisco

We love calling San Francisco home, and we’re looking for more curious and collaborative people to be a part of our journey. Check out our open positions—we hope to see you in San Francisco soon.

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