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Team Asana contributor imageDesign TeamJune 16th, 2020
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Showing appreciation for a team member’s hard work is one of the easiest ways to make them feel seen and valued. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of in-product Appreciations. Whether your team is distributed or slowly returning to the office, Appreciations can help you connect, celebrate wins, and bring a little joy to your workday—from anywhere.

Keep your team connected and make work more fun

With Appreciations, you can celebrate a team member’s accomplishments and provide encouragement on anything in Asana—from completed tasks and milestones to status updates.

To share an appreciation:

  1. Open a task and scroll down to the comment bar

  2. Click on the star icon next to the @ mention and emoji signs

  3. Choose an appreciation from the Appreciations menu

Like a regular task comment, collaborators will get a notification that you shared an appreciation. See it in action below:

Comments section

When to use Appreciations

Maybe you want to celebrate how difficult the task was, and your awe that it was completed. 

Perhaps you want to spread the love since so many people collaborated to do great work. 

Or maybe you want to go all out with a yeti riding a unicorn and holding a task complete banner (yes, we have that too). 

Celebrate wins of all sizes with Appreciations

A little encouragement and appreciation can go a long way, especially when your team is feeling less connected than usual. With Appreciations, you can help raise your team members up when they need it. Try Appreciations out today, and share the love.

Special thanks to the Asana product team

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