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To 1,000 Asana Together community members and beyond

January 28th, 2020
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To 1,000 Asana Together community members and beyond article banner image

Last year on Valentine’s Day, we launched our community program, Asana Together. Love was truly in the air as early members shared the program with their local communities around the world, and our team quickly saw growing interest from prospective members. It’s been an amazing journey since and today, we’re thrilled to announce our latest milestone: Asana Together now has 1,000 members—and counting!

This is exciting for us because it means that 1,000 Asana fans around the world have raised their hands to join a movement to learn how to work together with less effort.

Certified Pro Anne Nynke Jansma speaks to other Asana fans at an Asana Together World Tour event in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Asana Together members receive exclusive insider access to Asana’s team, advanced training, as well as goodies from Asana. They’re among the first to know about new product launches, get early access to upcoming features through our beta program, and provide crucial feedback to our team to help shape our product. With their members-only tools and resources, 1,000 Asana experts are bringing Asana to their teams and clients in an efficient and successful way.

Asana Together has three different groups, so everyone has a place they can call home within the program. Asana team experts and champions make great Ambassadors, like Luke Thompson, who joined the program in October 2019. He says:

quotation mark
At the end of the day, I want to be helpful and valuable to everyone I come in contact with and by becoming an ‘official’ Asana Ambassador, I’m given that extra validity when speaking to others about how useful Asana actually is.”

Certified Pros are consultants working independently with clients who are implementing Asana. Katisha Rawls of The Marble Desk joined the Certified Pro network in February. 2019 to, in her own word, “deepen my knowledge of Asana’s collaborative software and organize trainings and workshops to teach prospective and current Asana customers how to use the software to its full potential.”

Forum Champion Julien Renaud speaks to guests during the Asana Together World Tour panel discussion about the Art and Science of Teamwork in Paris, France.

People who are active and trusted contributors on the Asana Community Forum become Forum Champions, like Mark Hudson, who joined in September 2018. He told us:

quotation mark
When I first joined the Asana Community, I made so many discoveries just by reading through other people’s experiences and advice. Now, as an advanced user, I’m eager to pass on my own experiences, hopefully helping others to improve their everyday work in Asana.”

Across the globe, these Asana superstars are supporting our mission to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.

Join us as we cheer on our first 1,000 Asana Together members as they do great things around the world with Asana—and help us get to the next 1,000 (and beyond). Find your place in Asana Together and become part of our global community. 

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