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See plans, check progress, and discuss work in one place. With Asana as your work manager, you’ll stay on top of everything the team’s doing.

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Project management
Project management

Track work from start to finish, so every team stays in sync and on schedule to hit their goals. From status updates to project timelines, you can coordinate every moving piece.

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Workflow and automation
Workflows and automations

Create processes that run themselves, so teams can make an impact faster. Seamlessly manage work across departments with automated rules, templates, and more.

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Goals and Reporting
Goals and reporting

Focus on what matters by connecting every project and portfolio to company objectives. Then stay on target with real-time reporting dashboards.

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Resource management
Resource management

Get the visibility you need. Use time tracking data to plan accurate timelines, view and adjust workloads in real-time, and stay on track to achieve your objectives.

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Admin and security
Admin and security

Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade security and governance, so you can confidently deploy and manage Asana across any organization—no matter how large.

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work management with Asana

Work better in one shared space

Find all your team’s work—plans, conversations, docs, and more—in one place. So you can collaborate no matter where you are.

Why Work Management? An introduction
Asana custom templates

Set up your workflows in a snap

Get started with 50+ templates. Fine tune them to do work your way. Make sure no one misses a step. And keep your team rowing in the same direction.

Understanding work management vs project management
tracking progress in Asana

Get a big-picture view of progress

No meetings required. Get real-time status updates and visual highlights to see where work stands and identify projects at risk.

The 3 essential pieces of work management

Connect with hundreds of integrations

Connect Asana to your organization’s tools through our open API and native integrations.

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Get organized

Add and assign action items. Teams know what needs to get done, which tasks are a priority, and when work is due.

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Stay on track

Focus on tasks currently at hand. Visualize each stage of work and see where things are getting stuck.

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Hit deadlines

See how work maps out over time. Manage dependent, unscheduled, and overlapping tasks, and create plans teams can count on.

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See everything the team’s doing, and make it easier for them to get important work done, no matter where they are.

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