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Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results.

How does work tracking fit into
your team's workflow?

Work tracking systems help teams achieve their goals by subdividing work into actionable parts. It's a crucial part of ensuring everyone in a workplace or organization knows who's doing what and by when.


File systems let you create, store, and share files and documents with your team


Work tracking

Work tracking systems work in conjunction with Files and Messaging to let you know who's doing what by when.

Work tracking


A messaging system's purpose is to facilitate communication with your team. This can happen in real time or asynchronously.


Asana is trusted by teams

Every company needs a way to track their work to get things done. Even us. So it shouldn’t surprise you that we think Asana is the best way to break goals and ideas down into tasks, assign work to individuals, and communicate as a team.
But we're not the only ones that think so:


of customers say that Asana has the features they need to track their work


of customers found it was easy for their teams to get started on Asana


of customers say that Asana helps them know who is doing what by when

7 things to consider when choosing work tracking software

Keep it simple
Work tracking software shouldn’t be harder than the work itself. You should to be able to deploy without having to spend time on reading extensive documentation or training.
Make it easy to adopt
Teams are more likely to adopt a solution that is clear, easy-to-learn, and flexible enough to meet individual users’ preferences.
Customizable is key
Work tracking systems should be adaptable to suit your exact needs. Features like custom fields and task dependencies help customize your workflow.
Dashboards and reporting
Managers rely on dashboards and reporting to get high level view of projects and work. They also help you identify when a project might be going off track.
Open API
An open API lets you leverage your work tracking software and make it work even better by enabling advanced integrations with the tools you already use and trust.
Security and privacy
Most IT departments insist on advanced controls for admins and data export capability. Also, enabling SSO or SAML authentication is critical to prevent unauthorized access.
Increasingly, teams are located remotely or working on the go. If this is important for you, find a work tracking solution that lets you check in with a mobile app.

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